Oh Lord,

A New View of Life

    I need the Holy Spirit of You, to give me, energy, a new view of life, love, and the pursuit of completing, Our Book. Same ole lost for a numbered days, then Jesus catches you when you are falling off the Grand Tetons. Actually off the face of the Earth.

    The only one, who can put all the pieces together, is yourself through, Jesus Christ Our Beloved Lord and Savior, In God We Trust.

    I have been working on the writings for months and I read it all, well up to the last pages of 2007, and then I stopped. I am not finished. I have to, have it all put in, and I have to go through all of it again. I am not trying to procrastinate the inevitable.

    I am just fixing it, and adding the leftovers still, vocabulary; I am not putting in, that was my study. But with all the words in the Bible, in the dictionary, I learned these words, that are not used by Me, outside myself. ” a good way to put it.”

The credit I give myself

Is the passion of The Ever Presence, detailed and credits, only from, The Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, the Projection of words are not subject to change, they stand through, To Eternity in Jesus Christ’s Love. No matter, how many years, on the side, and in between, especially the beginning and the end. All coincides with Jesus Christ, the touch of Spirit, To Mankind.

The Spirit of Jesus Christ, joined Me, in writing.

    It is all still occupied, in me. Because One they are Omnipresent Writings, when I read them, it is always like, the first time, I wrote them.

    They are all so precious, and loving, giving away my journey from darkness to the light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He gave me the go-ahead. Everything is with Him. Even when I feel lost and stuck, he always comes to the rescue.

    I need some physical fixing up, and I have had forty eye migraines, this year. Ten a year is chronic what must, mine be? I had two months without one, and I have had two severe episodes since. What’s up?

Lord Help Me! Guide Me! Direct Me!

    To the completion of Your Love Calling for Mankind to Come Home, In Heart Soul Revelations of, Your Ever Presence,

It was, is, and will always be, My Destiny, To Share this My Testimony of Jesus Christ, My Personal Savior.

    The pain the inside turmoil, the fears, worries, and anxieties, are released, through the blood of Jesus Christ, in His arms, are We encompassed.

I am grateful for every page,

You gave Me in Your Grace. All the prayers, verses, poems, songs, writings, letters, are in Your Presence, because they flowed out of me, without the distraction of my mind. It came from my heart, and my heart is the Lords.

    It will be Edified and Consecrated to Good Works from, with, through, beside, and on top of, and on the bottom of, roundabout The Glory of Christ Jesus, love for me, to give me such a special place in helping Mankind, to understand The Presence of Your Spirit. Thank You, Jesus Christ. I Love You. March 18, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I am having fun now. All the problems I was having on my sites are, for the most part, fixed. I just have a lot of downsizing pictures to do. What a mistake downsizing.

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A Journey from darkness to the light.