My perception of life is not understood, in this day and age.

Our Purpose in Life Is Everlasting Life
There are Father and Mother, Brother and Sister, Twin Sister. Then life and times, of course, repeats itself, down the long stretch, of this century and, all the rest.

How do we perceive time?

    We can only imagine 2000 years ago, but we cannot be there. Just a few get to touch it by being archaeologists or traveling to the ancient cities. (or of course, living there.) Oh, to walk, where Jesus Christ, walked. Many of you, have walked, on the same streets and paths, Our Dear Lord, walked on. 

What is this leading?

    Our purpose in life is everlasting life. We cannot see that but we can know in our hearts it is there. I would like to use 100 percent of my brain! But how do you achieve that?

    The Lord, Our God, used His. “If you only have the faith of a mustard seed,” you can sow, all the riches, of the world, around. Mind you, not material things. What all of us, every one of us, need to do: Is put, “Our Faith Together” and, bring Love, Peace, Cures for Every Illness, Food, and Water, To Everyone, The World, Over.

Can We All Be Brothers and Sisters? Yes, because We Are!

    The graces of time, are not forgotten. We are all, a part of, Our Ancestors. The faith goes on. We live our lives, with barriers, of which we know not. We see we touch, we hear, we feel, we taste, we survive. We can do more than survive.

    I remember, the voice, that used to tell me, “This is the right way,” and I would go left. How I wish, I would have listened. I would not have suffered, in the ways, I did.

I also recall struggling, to get my spirit to come back,
    Only to let go and be idle, lazy, feeling nothing. It’s such an awful waste of time, to destroy oneself, with negativity. It alters one’s functioning, ability. It is a disability, in every sense of the word. Every negative thought, is a disability, because it is so hard, to let yourself learn, to use, your thinking constructively. September 1989  
 My youngest daughter brought this with her January 16, 1998,

The Husband of my youth gave me back my three teenagers in a brand new Mobile Home in Converse Texas. It is a special writing to me because she saved it for me.  And because it does say a lot. It was a spontaneous, writing. 

    The best kind. Although, I have not written in a year. I have my writings to work on and, share with you. I probably sound like, I am coming out of left field, but in actuality, I am coming out in right field. I do not know what to do, so I am waiting. 

    Besides my computer could crash at any time. And my eyes still work but they have issues. So I have not blogged around, because I have little memory on my computer, and I can only do what I am doing. Which is little, right now. So I wait. November 15, 2012, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    Just going through one last time. I have deactivated some accounts. I figure this will be my last months here on my site. I am tired and it is costing me money, I do not have. I do love all my writings, even though some of them are difficult for me.

    I felt I needed to Publish them anyway. I am making me, my personal book of writings, so I will be updating as I go. As for my whole entire family that has not read it, I did it all for me. I do not care that the whole bunch of you think I am crazy, and did not even care to read, this is including my very own children, twin sister, older sister, brother. My deceased Mother that had four years, she could have read the book, but did not.

    You know what, even my husband of my youth only read a few. They have always been with The Lord and me, and will always be, “In Presence of Spirit. 1988- 2017, 29 years my “In Presence of Spirit,” has been with me. Thank you, God, Father, Son, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit I am grateful for all our times, in “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”

© 1989-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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