In search of truth this last year.

I have to put this in now

I have reveled over hierarchy in the spiritual professional: Vice Principal, teachers, counselors, at the schools and Principle. Keith great Counselor, I shocked him, I guess I have shocked many. Oh well. Keith told me I needed 150 Alanon meetings and to go to three meetings before Monday, when I would meet Gail.

Well, I did hit three meetings, and in the next two and a half months, I went to sixty Al-Anon meetings, five Counselors, “Women Together,” Tris, Mary which were extremely important because I got to cleanse without shame, things pouring out, I had never told anyone. (Not even my twin.)

My feelings as a worthy person started sparking.

Two and two were’ coming along fine. The Revelations of the truth the real truth of why we live in our hell with everyone else’s on top of ours.

Our faith is there, even though we do not think we have any. Okay, I ended up the only compassionate certified work I could get. I applied and pleaded my desperation to the RN. She enrolled me in Certified Nurses Assistant, training.

He left January 1995; this was already March.

The first week of school was Spring Break, and I had always been with my children. 7:15 to 5:15. Can you imagine me in whites, yuk? So I went the two weeks, the kids survived, no one was hurt. No one checked on them.

I went in, on the 27th of March to take my hands-on State Test, I passed it. On the 28th I went in for the written test on a Bacardi hangover. Results in six weeks. I was supposed to start work the next week.

Tuesday night I was alone,

Wednesday at a friend, Thursday reserved reservations, Hazelden bound, Friday I was in Minnesota.

Everyone wondered why there.

I was not loony tunes; I was a co-dependent disaster. I was the fastest person to go through Hazelden’s System. To a mind-altering drug prescribed, Zoloft by a Psychiatrist, I needed something. April 1995 W. Y. L.

August 24, 2015

I was there a week in October 1994, for “Family Recovery.” Then I got accepted because of my condition. Not because I am an alcoholic. That got me in though. I needed to be in Minnesota, it was just what the Lord ordered. I was there for thirty days. I learned a lot. Met a lot of people. Heard their stories.

    It was a very special paradise, I got to be there for me. “Paradise accepted me and I went.” After I left there I went to Church and the rest is history. My history anyway of why “In Presence of Spirit’s,” writing and extensions are so important for me to share. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.