My, hit 56,833 page views for this month.

Night fog photo's
I used to love foggy nights.

It is the most viewed because I am making changes, and adding code. I am a developer, that is behind in the times.

    My simple SEO, required me to shorten the main name of my website, then I had to shorten the names on many posts, making pages on them, so they doubled. This is why I have more pages, then posts, right now. 

    Now, that I know, the reason, I will go back to it another time. This month is the highest month in views, not Website views, updates, and posts, and pages.

    I have not fully opened this site, to Social. For whatever reason I have, so be it. The analytics are not working yet. Last time I looked no, so I am just going to finish this up. Posts, Pages, taking off the extra photo’s, so it is lighter. I loved the Featured Photo’s, I had to take them off.

    Help Lord, that is what a Preacher said to say, “Help Jesus.” The other woman, said to pray like that also. I do not understand that. Even though I am not able to pray, and have conversations in spirit. I still think it is so much more than, “Help Jesus.”

    I feel displaced. I do not mind sharing my room with my sister. My desks, wall unit, dresser, and book shelves, are here. The displacement is the fact that it does not feel like home anymore.

    I was left with not one, but four other people relying on me. Two bed bound, I want to cry, just a little water. I just put my medicine in my eyes, they burn, that is how I know it is working. Weird huh.

    I have to drive my sister across town, South side. I used to only go once every six months. Now, today will be six times in six months.

    Piddle paddle. At least Dad is not getting on latter’s anymore. This is not going anywhere. So, this years total is 208,172, changing in a couple of hours. Bringing the all time to the site, 2,397,067 page views. As we know I did not know how important the pages were. I thought it was the posts.

    I still have Posts to Publish. I do not have time, editing, 600 posts, and adding the pages, is a process. One by one. Now to go back when I have already completed 360, in record time.

    When I do not touch the computer, it gets less than 200 views. The highest one this month was 5,600 views in one twenty four hour period. All in all, it is a great month.

    I could not have made it this far, with all my writings, if it was not meant to be. It is, and it is all right here. So weird, how it can put 600 hundred personal posts and pages on one page. Well, that was the cue, page not post, to reiterate.

    I had a dream of my first love, I woke up, came in, and told my twin, and I started crying, the dream was, “that he hates me.” Wow, forty six years ago. Now that is weird.

    I am not following any thing about news accept for Johnny Depp. I am months behind on that. It is almost over. Good tidings of recovery for you, Mr. Depp.

    I felt like writing, and letting you know what I am doing with the site. I know that I want to wrap it up, this year, for some reason. Maybe because it is an even year. I have no idea. I have said for many years, that I was finished. Although this time, I am not writing, like I used to be able to.

    So, with all this God Bless the Universe, Space, the Cosmos, all our brothers, and sisters from here to kingdom come, with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Happy Anniversary

Photo in the back yard
So, much light from one camera phone flash

to the Woman who married my husband of fourteen, and a half years, three months after our divorce, twenty six years ago, today.

    “May the God of Our Father adorn the souls of all existence with the presence of the Holy Spirit.” In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke you Satan, from eternities souls.

    One Love, One God Almighty. One Father, One Son, One Holy Spirit. All are one in the Spirit, one in the Lord. Together to bring together the people’s of the Congregation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Faith, of God surrounding us with the presence in spirit. On every page of my writings. I share my innermost conversations with the Lord, with you.

    Thirty four years with me, “In Presence of Spirit,” Publishing for eleven years. It is a, “I have to do it,” no matter what. I did. I did it, all by myself. 

    I was never by myself, in spirit, with the Holy Spirit guiding me to the next writing. It was all for me, my pain was deep. I needed the stars to collide, and that is what happened, when Mike and my eyes met. That is all it took.

    He is the one that got my attention. He clapped his hands, and rubbed his hands together, and I looked, and there he was. It was the most special moment of my life.

    It has lasted a couple of decades. Spiritually in every respect. I am not that crazy. My Mom before she passed in 2006, told me to pray for him, to be with me. I told her, no Mom, I will not do that.

    My prayers, are not just for me, they are for anyone who is searching, and not finding, their one true love. In one with God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. Not leaving anyone out.

    God Bless, to All United in the Holy Family of all our existence. Just so you know, all I want to be is, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Out of the blue, I cut “in Conversations with the Lord,”

Photo at South Padre Island
So few Photo’s I got to take

off the name. It did not take long to figure it out. “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit” Tag name, Journey from darkness to the light.

    I checked out some plug-ins, took off, put on Analytics. When Awstat on my Hosting does fine by itself.

    I have been updating, and deleting, the extra photo’s, now I am going to keep the codes because one way or another they will get activated.

    I can not pay to get information. Well, I did it fifteen minutes ago, deleted for the second time in one week. I do like the SEO I installed. It is simple. Not complicated, and drawn out.

    Yesterday hit 5,607 views, most in years. It is because I am working on it fast. According to how many pages I am Publishing, for the first time.

    Now is the time, no other. My sisters, Dr. visit is on Friday. I have to transport her by myself. I did coming back from surgery. She screams in agony when she tries to get up. Tomorrow will be interesting.

     No one else to do it but me. My sister has her pace maker in. I picked her up from the Hospital, yesterday.

    Oh Lord, wrap your arms around the whole World and bring peace to all the World without end. Bring Love down, Bring your Presence in Spirit, in everyone that was, is, and ever shall be world with out end.

     Guide us through today, so every day will be full of the Grace of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Bring gladness to hearts for sure there is an end to the pain.

    I would like to say, “The month is at 30,742, this year is 182,081 views. 2,370,976 page views, all time, It is important to me to continue.

    Even, if my sister was not behind me on her Hospital bed, I would be right here on my site, working on it. Because it needs a lot of tender loving care from me. She has not walked in a month.

    Richard, is going to get 1200, for three months of someone coming over so I can water my plants, or grocery shop. So funny. That is what the woman told me. They never came.

    I wonder, some times, what I did in my past life. But what it really is, I wrote about it in the beginning. I have been Richard’s right hand for twenty one years. Now, it is time to call the Calvary. Lord please help me with this situation.

    I am okay, because I have my website to work on. Everything will fall into place in God’s time. My website, is my gift to anyone, who needs a little or a lot of “In Presence of Spirit’s extensions.”

    I am trying to get to a place where I am comfortable going every where. Because it is not every where, it is here, and there. I will figure it out. Take care, and know all I want to be is, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I completed inserting the codes on all my Posts.

Photo at the Beach
From roaring waves, and wind to calm in the morning

I did not mess with the pages. I did not know the pages were so important. I forgot how to do it.

    Well, I did some other editing, taking off the featured photo. I do not know how it affected the pages. I am going to go through all of them again, and delete the code because it takes to much room, anyway, and it is not needed.

    After waiting two hours for to answer, I got the answers to all my questions. I have updated to PHP 8.1, will see if the site likes the upgrade. I reinstalled an important Analytics.  So, that I can see how it works.

    It has been a busy week. My sister had her knee surgery last Friday. Richard’s Dr. came through with a new Hospital bed, and new wheel chair for Richard, and my sister got his old one but with the new mattress.

    My bed is in the laundry room. It was my Dad’s, they accidently got a memory foam bed, he would slide off, so we traded beds. It was comfortable but not good for her, in her condition.

    I picked her up from the Hospital by myself. I had her half of the room all set up. She said, she was not getting off for four days. My half of the room is my desks, my computer, my stuff.

    Tomorrow Dad, and I are going to put the Trapeze on her bed. She will be able to lift herself up. Richard could not use it, his arms are bent. Fingers are so crippled.

    Wednesday, I have to get her up, and out because the Dr. is going to look at it. That is going to be fun. Her husband is in San Antonio. I got the living room back after two days, in the closet.

    Everything has changed, with my twin. After a five fusion on her back, now this. My older sister is getting another pace maker, put in on the right side, on Tuesday. She felt all the pain because she refused any pain killers. Take her, and pick her up. Man, that is scary. I am responsible for way to much. Start with Monday taking my Dad to a urologist.

    So, I am going to have some fun taking the codes off. I am exploring options. A lot has been written on this website, and I am wanting to share to more. I am not writing anymore. I am really stuck more than ever, where I want to be.

    I wish I had some words of encouragement. Like once I used to. Now, I really can not go to the races. Take care, and no, all I want to be is “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

© 2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell