This must go out to the World.

Blast from the past, fog

I am weary. I have the Lord to back me up, but no human person has touched my writings.

    Yes, all done by me, Wendy, my conversations are from the past, we are all, one, in presence of spirit. I shared 610 personal conversation I had, in presence of spirit, with anyone who stops by, and reads it.

    I must at some point, make it more accessible. I blame this solely on me. For not making it completely Social. It is overwhelming, I have to do it myself.

    I have to look past myself, and send it out to the World. I do not correspond  with anyone. I freak, that is why this website has been silent, so to speak.

    10,555, view since I wanted to hit 400,000 page views 2022, Bringing the total to 2,599,450 page views since December 13, 2013. It is significant to me. Sharing is caring. Always, and forever meant to be shared. I believe this for eternity.

     I was full of Publication at the first of the year. Publishing for the first time with no dates. It was out of the ordinary experience for me in every sense of the word. Then all the responsibility came tumbling down.

    That was then now is now. This is the third time the site hit, 400,000 views, in one year. This year was the highest. 410,555 bringing it up to 2, 604,846 page views. Anyway the writings from 2022 are from 1996-2022.

    Pieces put together to become the whole of 2022 writings from the past, future and now. These  times I had “In Presence of Spirit,” are for all of us. No one left out. No how, no way could I have come up with this without the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

    It all fell into place, each piece on it’s own. It stopped being a book a long time ago. I started on the internet in October 2011, I had shared twenty writings on Facebook to two people, that were open. so they were passed on, I guess. I deleted it all, kept no copy for myself.

    The whole, In Presence of is my gift to anyone who will ever read my conversations with the Lord. What do I do? Waller or get this show on the road.

    The heart knows what is written is, in presence of spirit. It is a gift of thanksgiving of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In faith of the Unities of our eternal existence. 11:38 December 29, 2022. Wendy

© 2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

A Journey from darkness to the light.