As I look back in time, when, “In Presence of Spirit,” was written

Some where in the mountains, East Coast.
Originally lost, but not forgotten

from The Holy Spirit, through Me, laid out on lavender paper, lost initially, but not forgotten because I made a copy.

What one extraordinary writing,

What else can I call it? Grew to be, and no one but me has worked on it, read it, protected it, saved it, captured it, continued it, accepted it, it is verified partially, well one hundred forty-four writings of it.

It has over six hundred Significant Realizations

Of Omnipresence with The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Guiding me through to fruition. Completion of some days, weeks, months, years, all together to form, one book of interest to Me, and The Holy Spirit of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So Yes, I am the writer but only by, The Holy Spirit of  Jesus Christ

through and in me because I can write nothing without The Presence of Our Holy Comforter. To gather all the lost souls, and to put an end to being lost, through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Thank You, Jesus Christ, In Your blood of Blessings.

How time flies by,

    The years become decades, gone in a flash. Where is this leading? “Our purpose in life is everlasting life, we can not see that, but we can know in our hearts, it is true.”

You know it is in the “I” of me,

I am One In The Spirit of The Lord. My writings prove this to be true. So essentially, no one can take anything away from it, and I am the only one who can add to it.  I normally do not add or subtract.

    It is, “In Presence of Spirit.”  I will always, and forever believe, it is meant to be shared. It is not my personal own, since day one, or should I say since the first writing.  “In Presence of Spirit,” of mine, was meant to grow, all by itself, with The Spirit of the Lord and me.

    It has always been part of me, even though I did not reveal it. I did write it all at any given time of my inscriptions, date and year; the hour was never an issue. I need to share it but how will I? That is the question! I do not want to sound like a broken record. Let’s see what tomorrow will bring. Bless Everyone with the Wealth and Health of Your Spirit Lord, captured in these pages of our book, Yours and Mine. April 4, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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