I have such a beautiful message, from Jesus’ Holy Spirit.

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We, Will, Overcome By the Blood of Jesus
It is an inspiration, not from me, but from You, who sent me, to write, Universally, Your Presence in Spirit, through My Writings.

    At this point, whatever you have learned through my experience, I will be learning it, in a whole different way. Projection, All The Significance of Spirit Communication.


    The prayers, the verses, the praises, the poems, and the songs, are, “In Presence of Spirit.” Each time they read, they will be, “Amplified in Your Presence and Universally Transmitted Into The Air Waves of Your Ever Presence,” You are home, in this, “Our Conversations of The  20th and The 21st Century.”


    Even though there are many difficulties in my personal life, We Will All, Overcome By The Blood of Jesus, who is now and forever, Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. In Jesus’ name Lord, forgive me for everything, I need forgiveness.

    Jesus, I heard a Preacher say we will account for every thought, every sin for every second of our lives. And then I asked the question, and the answer was, “those who are not washed in the blood of Jesus, will suffer that.” I mean how can they conclude this, only from their imagination?


    Everyone can be released, from without to within.  Your Presence there, We All Go. Into “The Universal Knowledge,” that is given in complete redemption, through Christ Jesus.

    By Your Life, Your Ministry, Your Death, Your Resurrection To Life Eternal. In Presence of You, through You, on the sides of You,  above and below You, roundabout, The Glory of You, Jesus Christ. In Your Presence in Spirit, on every page, of this my giant book all my writings, extensions you gave me to write. Thank You, Jesus. March 19, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2009 – 2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.