Oh Lord God,

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I do love Jesus Christ

forgive us for not aspiring to you for our every breath.

Lord prepare the way for all to come to Father God in heart revelation, realization.

    Lord I need you desperately. I have courage, and I have to follow this through for all causes. Through Christ who strengthens the World.

    In one mind, one heart, one soul, to the Glory of God at the imminent coming in heart realization. Oh Lord what to do? I thought “In Presence of Spirit,” was going to get it done.

    Oh Lord are you going to Help? You said, ask in my name and I will do it. I want to submit, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Oh Lord, help in all areas. Lord, help please Jesus, in your blood of blessings. Bring in all your works, to the Glory of God at your coming.

   Lord help! Christ Jesus help! Forgive me, and bring right action to this pathetic situation. Bring clarity to the oneness of truth, which only you possess.

     Bring your word alive. Relinquish my inability, and let’s proclaim, life through you Christ Jesus. The eye of me is Wendy still. The Spirit of me is Spiritual, is alive, is wanting the gifts that are given in Spirit.

    Captured moments to recapture the majesty through Christ Jesus our Savior and Lord, from God the Father with love.

    Oh Lord, we need you in our lives. We need your love, understanding, knowledge, courage, patience, kindness, gratitude, wisdom.

    We need mass awareness. Lord, we are asking in prayer for you to help us, come out of darkness, and come into the presence of your great power calling.

    We are here for your purpose. Even though some do not understand me, you guided me through, I lost to win through you Lord Jesus.

    I am asking you to take the control, and guide us through with your touch of presence in spirit, in Jesus Christ name.

    We my children, and I, and the World need you now. I will only go through you. You tell us in prayer to pray straight to you, and this is what I have done in my writings, since you blessed me to write. We are okay. We will be okay, and you do understand.

    I am here, and I ask you help in Jesus Christ Living Loving name for regeneration, right here, in the here, and now of yesterdays tomorrow.

    Thank you Lord Jesus, I am finding you again. Need to unveil the inner resources promptly. I feel the need to tell every one in the World the good news, Christ Jesus the Spirit of our Souls.

    Wish you, Welcome Home, to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, in God he is our Redeemer, Savior in all the wonderous Glory from Christ with Love. Guided back through time to the present. Wendy

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