What now my Lord?

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Join your hands in faith to Our Father and watch your sufferings subside

I need Your guidance full force. I need to beat the odds. Show me your way. Strongholds of Your Everlasting Presence, from beyond the dead to life in Christ.

For mass healing. A way home for each one of us the world over.

Humanity will benefit. To see it through “In Presence of Spirit.” Peace within to all. We can and will do it. Everyone needs a friend.

    Join your hands in faith to Our Father, and watch your sufferings subside. God’s gift is clearing to the renewal in a grand sweep of healing. I have the writings to Publish. People to take care of, and children to get back.

    To work positive, not negative. “We are one in the spirit, we are one in the Lord.” All together in harmony for Jesus Christ is among us. We were’ not left alone; God is here in the unseen vision. December 1998 Wendy Yvette Greenwell March 31, 2018, Well, This is the first month since October 2011 that I have Published 30 days.

    I only missed one day. As of this morning, inpresenceofspirit.com is at 1,254,966 views, since I started Publishing on inpresenceofspirit.com December 13, 2013. Altogether 1,864,150 views I am only 135,850 views away from 2,000,000.

    My eyes feel a lot better since my Cataract Surgeries. I am still changing from reading glasses to sunglasses tonight glasses and computer readers. I can not stand not to have some glasses on. My eyes start bothering me. I told the Dr. she says they are okay. So I will keep doing what I am doing, changing glasses all the time.

    It is imperative that I continue to date the writings. I would be lost if I did not have the dates. I chickened out of putting a donate, Social Media, etc. Lord I put inpresenceofspirit.com, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord,” in Your Hands, I did it all for You, this is how much I Love You, Lord. February 17, 2019, Wendy

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Generational Abominations,

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Stomp it out now!

Slaps, pulling hair,  name-calling, lashing out, past mistakes, no support, ridiculed, shocked, threat, repeated acts of violence, void proper upbringing, mass out of control.

The ugliness has been left on its own. Stomp it out now! Reach the heart, give yourself to Christ Jesus, he is the only way out. The only way.

    Through your heart, you will see, hear, understand. All your questions will be answered, the love, the compassion, the knowledge the answers will come flooding in.

    The Love of Christ is upon us. We are saved in The Blood of Jesus Christ. In Christ is Life Eternal, Internally God’s for the Purification of Our Souls. To reach and go beyond that which is attained, to the enlightenment of The Father that is within.

    To the unveiling of the hidden mystery in God, I am. I was given the tongue of a ready writer, for an opening to your soul, to the clearing of the cobwebs. To the ultimate flight of yours, mine, and our existence. To The Oneness of Christ, I am blessed to the total unveiling of “In Presence of Spirit,” from my soul to yours, in one heart, one mind, from Jesus Christ with love. Choose Life! 1998 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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I can not write without only within

and prayers, awesome quotes from The Holy Spirit through me. I can not write without only within, to the presence in every one of us.

I share my experience and once I share ultimately,

    I have helped in The Eternal Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is evident if you have read this far you are finished. Yeah right!

So what do you think?

    Do you think, I am crazy? Insane? Well, whatever, this is meant to be not from me, from The Lord who sent me to the fulfillment of our “In Presence of Spirit.”

Jesus Christ Holy Spirit and Wendy in writing

to have seen past the veil even though all the calamities of all existence,

Christ stands and says,

    “I Love You each and every one of you. Take the blinders off your heart and soul and give them to me.”

All the negative is not owned.

    It is the lie, the guilt, the pain, and anguish, it is the betrayal of our ever-presence because we are truly and forever in eternity forever with The Lord Christ Jesus in Love for mankind to come out of the outer and into the inner presence in each one, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Jesus, I give You our total book of a lot of words for sure. Thank you for igniting the light of Your Holy Spirit in me, Wendy from darkness to the light of Your Presence in all the words you guided me to write. It was and is and ever will be my big testimony of Jesus Christ my Personal Savior. March 31, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Go forward to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

making each day full of the wealth of the Spirit.

A vision coming true home with love, understanding, complete assistance, making life more loved, more cherished through the unveiling of the writings that have been released in the Spirit of, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

    Go forward to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius through Christ Jesus who has unveiled the Love for humankind to heal itself. From God with Love through Jesus Christ to us.

    For the regeneration of our life, hope, love, compassion, understanding, knowledge, wisdom, fortitude, courage, work, paycheck. Love Life for all the Spirit has to offer from the inward portal of my soul to yours, In Spirit, I trust.

    There are obstacles in our path right now. Free us to breeze past the hard times into The Glorious Treasures; You have for Mankind.

    Lord help me put our writings together. Not for greed for love, help, no more being alone. Help us see the light of the age of the dawning of the ignition of the mustard seed in everyone’s heart and soul. Big beautiful yards with trees, plants, the smell of fall in the air, oh Lord let freedom will. October 5, 1998, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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In the first place,

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Baby Humming Birds on my brother’s Patio

the first impression of writings, letters, would only contain supplications and lamentations, along with pointing the finger at all abominations.

    To reject them in reality of my new life of healing not to myself alone but for whoever finds the Christ within.

    To the answers in all our souls from Jesus Christ with love, only in the faith of God’s Ever Presence. I feel Him in The Spirit of the writings, The Spirit blessed us.

    For to see Spirit guided my soul, and my heart to come to write in its entirety, “In Presence of Spirit.” I share it with you, with one heart, one mind, one soul, through Christ from God with the outstretched arms of God’s Glory. Everyone comes home to Christ Jesus in heart revelation, to the quiet peace of God’s Ever Presence, to the healing of humankind soul forever more. September 26, 1998, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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