I started writing in January 1996,

Night Photo with a flash
Flash Backs they are not as severe as they once were

The unveiling of the past was sheathed as shedding skin. The writings are through The Holy Spirit. I am going to put the entire pages together and see what The Lord wants me to do after that. In Jesus, Christ Name, Guide me Holy Spirit to do the right thing always. Show me through Jesus Christ my personal Savior. “Thy Will Be Done.” Thank You, Lord Jesus. July 29, 1996

In the last seven months,

    I have absorbed the Bible in all its glorious words. I have written with a power greater than possibly imaginable. I declare the truth of Jesus Christ Our Savior. I have felt Jesus Christ and I know the truth of His Eternal Presence. In the writings, I know The Spirit of Christ was working through me. The visions of The Highest are manifested in my writing. If I may share them I will share them with you. Thanks be to God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy Spirit, “In Jesus Christ We Trust.” July 9, 1996

Flash Backs

    They are not as severe as they once were. All were tightly weighing on my mind, my husband with another among the whirlwind of his alcoholism for eight and a half straight years. The last horrible months before my departure.

    Every breath was a struggle until the pain was lifted right out of me. Then the next months proved to be the stepping stones to understanding, more awareness, a way to find a purpose, the reasons for my existence. Was not stupid because it is God’s life. I know what God means when he says, “go into thy inner chamber, there ye shall knock and the door shall be opened.” July 1996

Live-in Position

    The elderly man I care for poked me with his big finger on my gallbladder scar and it hurt, I showed him where he poked me, my nine-inch scar across my gut. I had to tell him do not poke me and do not punch me and your sarcastic jokes with intent to hurt need to stop.

    The tests I have been through, I have passed every one of them. They do not have much to complain about me. I am sick of doing laundry. I am forming a regular twenty-three days plus more to come. Thank you for encouraging me to go from a pauper to making the first step into a paycheck, it was an excellent experience. God tested me. I passed by the hair of my chin. When its God’s time.

I have been so deep in the inner chamber,

    Studying in Him, Through Him, round about Him, He has shown himself to me personally, and I am with Him, and He is teaching me every day, he is so cool, I wish I could share, but I am still a baby in Christ.

     All my questions have been answered in the Bible, in my supplications, in my mourning for six months. In my giving and my understanding. My observations roundabout, everyone is in hell around me, screaming, the anger, no positive, the lifeless energy oppressed with wants, super demands, abuse, neglect, each not taking care of their oneness with Christ. Judging has shown itself, and they are blind to it. July 25, 1996


    I hope I have not crossed your boundaries by making plans. Thank you for all your blessings of knowledge, understanding and all my trials and tribulations. They have been worth it to come to you totally, with Your stretched out arms that caught me through pure inexhaustible love.

    Lord preserve the peace you have bestowed upon me. If it is your will for me to write let me continue. Lord grant that I may stay steadfast in Your Grace, in the insight You have bestowed on me. Your compassion through Your Spirit is felt. No one seems to see.

    Thank You for the job, the room with your treasures in it. Thank You In Jesus Christ I trust, I have felt You, Awesome. Peace to You God and Jesus Christ and all Your People. I Love You. July 29, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1996-2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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