I think 2007, is the year, that my book (writings) is complete.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

Twenty-one years since I wrote, “In Presence of Spirit.” Twelve years, Divorced. Six grandchildren, one in heaven. Forty-nine writings for 2007.

I want to write, and I have nothing to say: Jesus Bless this day in every way, In Your Name, I do Pray. Jesus Bless this day, with Your Wealth of Spirit. In Your Name, I do Pray.

    Jesus, Guide and Direct, Our Hearts To The Answers, of The Whole., (Truth.) In Your Name, I Do Pray. Jesus show me, what You want me to do. My ex-husband is persistent about me going to confession.

     I am going today. I feel it is a gift, from You to me, from Chris. He takes no credits for my Book or the reasons that be. So he is not vain, which is good, in this respect. He is humble and spiritual, and he is, in the light of, You Jesus.

    He says I am not supposed to lose you at all. I thought that You are, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, and it is You; I have been communicating, in writing, for a long time.

I think I am supposed to learn, what I have written through, The Holy Spirit.

    I think this is our relationship. I feel, (consider) how can all these extensive writings, that are with You, From You, For You, In the Presence of You. How can I be missing, the most critical point of all?

    My relationship with You, is not complete? Is it because I have not gone to confession. Twenty-nine years, since my last confession. Why? Human Priest, I do not remember what he said, but there was no forgiveness, and I purely let go of my Catholic heritage. So it must have been pretty bad.

    Years later, I had to go to a CC D class for my Children. The Priest asked, Where is, “The Kingdom of Heaven.” I said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” someone laughs. The Priest says she is right, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within, every one of us.”

Well Jesus, Holy Spirit, which I have been communicating, with for two decades,

on paper, and all my life of belief. In Your Ever Presence, even though for years, I could not feel.

Confession today for You and Me, Jesus, because I need You Complete

and You need me complete. I want to be here for You. Please place an understanding of what he is saying to me. It is possible that he is right. I know he is because he has encompassed the whole realm, through his bought, with all the associates, of life. He has read, the gift that has been given, to me. Well, some of it.

I am going to go to.

I have to give this to You Jesus Christ for Your Birthday. I went I was absolved of my sins. I can go to communion now. December 22, 2007, Wendy Yvette Greenwell,

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