AT 50,000’S DOOR

48,954, views. I have one hundred thirty-seven Writings Published on this blog.

An Ongoing Dialogue
Two in the draft. Sixty-five on the other blog. I, of course, felt the I have to, of it all. Years ago, unto today, in the here and now of yesterday, tomorrows. It is here. My writings for anyone to find. 


Man, I sure would have liked to have found this years before, it fell in my hands.

But then is then, and now. I have accomplished that which I have the conversations to prove. I am, “In Presence of Spirit,” with the Lord. 

I am not vain in this, in any respect.

I was given my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” to perpetuate a dialogue with the Lord, In Presence with the Spirit. My writings have always been, are, will always be, “In Presence of Spirit.”  From the beginning to the end, and all, I mean, all the in-between. 

When I update writing, where does it go?

I was spoiled there for a while. 2896 on the 24th of August. August ended up with 13,324, views the highest month September so far has 8,871, Total: 48,954. In December 2012, I had 9292 views. The three highest totals.

It took me a while to be able to put these last sixty-one, writings plus the sixty-five on the other blog.

I was not too stagnant. I just get sidetracked. I know what I am doing, is meant to be, right here, right now. And I know, how far I have gone with only me, myself and I, and The Holy Spirit, who made all my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” Worth preserving. For me anyway. So I could share like I am.

 God Bless You, all for reading my times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

To you with one heart to heal. Wendy September 22, 2013, Wendy Yvette Greenwell July 31, 2014  

October 13, 2014, Now 324,382 , + 508,280 on blogger = 832,662 Views, I put the numbers together even though they are apart. And it does not count. But to me, it counts. Wendy

January 14, 2015, 437,820 + 508,289 on blogger = 946,109 = 53,891 away from a million total views for my writings. Thank You for reading my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

May 17, 2015, 388 Writings on and it has 569,566 views. 142,980 views for 2015. Thank you for reading my writings. Wendy

    February 29, 2016 views after ten tonight, but yesterdays were 90,849 views for the year 2016 and 61,477 since the 18th of January 2016. 917,733 views for + 61,477 = 979,210 + 508.289 = 1,487,499 views Thank you for viewing.

    May 16, 2016, 972,908 for 78,028 for + the blogger = 1,559,225 views. I told one of my cousins, and he said, if you have not made any money, it does not matter. To me it does. August 6, 2018, 74,690 away from 2,000,000 altogether.

    Thank you for visiting 1,395,725 views all together 2,012,214 views, as of the 18th changing in an hour and a half. I am working on it so the writings are getting a nice activity, Thank You again. October 19, 2018, Wendy

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