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FEBRUARY 29, 2008


This Photo, Wow, rain, phone camera, flash, it was a great night.
We are United in the heavens already

    John 17 To You Jesus Christ, with one heart to heal. I Love You, Dedicated to the one I love with all my heart, with all my soul.

    To You Jesus Christ because if it was not meant to be it would not be. But it is bigger than I imagined, and it’s all for the glory of You my Lord, My Savior, we co-created this together, and I am not going to freak out once I let it go again, after 2002-2008.

What do you ask for in your heart?

    The completion of my books all in one. “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord,” and Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” The one hundred forty four writings, of “In Presence of Spirit.” Published 2001-2002.

    I have come this far, and I am not going to put it away in any way shape or form. I’m going to Publish it. The purpose is past, present and future, and I am not changing for anyone.

I read we fight daily spirit and flesh.

    So the rolling words are of the spirit and you can tell when it is me in my misery. What a harsh word but things have changed and I am lost, but I am found. I have sinned and I have been forgiven. I am within The kingdom come to proclaim the love and benefit to Mankind.

    I have been given the okay through out this decade plus a few years. To complete a very special message of knowing that, The Most High is in the midst of us and is the only ruler of our souls and even in our worst nightmares.

The Holy Spirit gathers us,

in the arms of glory and reveals the innermost thoughts from without to within. No way I can explain it in a few words. Well one, Awesome.

    Thank you Jesus Christ, for the presence of your Holy Spirit, in every writing of this manuscript. Spirit to Spirit Communication. It has been an honor and a blessing to be one in spirit with you. I love you Jesus Christ.

April 6, 2020:

    Oh Lord Help! Open up my heart to feeling again, to understanding again, to love again. To the height and depth of my innermost being. To rise above the obstacles and go forward to the realization of, One for All, All for One.

In love for our Planet to heal itself,

through The Love of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, who is in our midst, and is capturing World Reunion in the Universal Law of Cause and Affect.

    Now is the time to join our oneness in spirit, to you my brothers and sister’s in the World. We are ancestors since time began. We are united in the heavens already. Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2020-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


“In Presence of Spirit,” is twenty years old, in April,

Moon Photo
I can not write without only within

It has matured into over 600 writings and prayers, awesome quotes from The Holy Spirit through me. I can not write without only within, to the presence in every one of us.

I share my experience and once I share ultimately,

    I have helped in The Eternal Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is evident if you have read this far you are finished. Yeah right!

So what do you think?

    Do you think, I am crazy? Insane? Well, whatever, this is meant to be not from me, from The Lord who sent me to the fulfillment of our “In Presence of Spirit.”

Jesus Christ Holy Spirit and Wendy in writing

to have seen past the veil even though all the calamities of all existence,

Christ stands and says,

    “I Love You each and every one of you. Take the blinders off your heart and soul and give them to me.”

All the negative is not owned.

    It is the lie, the guilt, the pain, and anguish, it is the betrayal of our ever-presence because we are truly and forever in eternity forever with The Lord Christ Jesus in Love for mankind to come out of the outer and into the inner presence in each one, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Jesus, I give You our total book of a lot of words for sure. Thank you for igniting the light of Your Holy Spirit in me, Wendy from darkness to the light of Your Presence in all the words you guided me to write. It was and is and ever will be my big testimony of Jesus Christ my Personal Savior. March 31, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Wendy with Jesus, {the Holy Spirit,} “In Presence of Spirit,” in writing to The World.

Night Photo, with a flash
Wendy with Jesus In Presence of Spirit in writing to The World

Make no doubt about it, The Lord hath called His People home, them that can hear let them come unto God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I leave all the plans in Your Hands, Lord because I cannot see it in mine. I know first hand how essential these writings are to the Lord and I. I insist on completing it. So People will be soothed, and regenerate internally to external purification.

All in all, it is a significant passage for everyone, not just myself.

    We are one in Spirit. I can with the whole will of My Father who ordained me, Wendy, to write Our Book for anyone who needs to recuperate, and find their way to the Presence of Spirit, in every heart, “In the Kingdom, the Holy Will Is Done.”

To Jesus Christ,

“but what oneself is to You Dear Lord, what you have given me, my love, and my life, to fulfill the plan You have made for every person on this planet we call earth. 1988 “IN PRESENCE OF SPIRIT.” Oh Lord, I give to You, “I am, In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”  June 12, 2008,

Oh, Jesus, we need so much.

    We need Your Presence To Fill Us, Renew Us, Regenerate Us. Fill Our Ever Presence with Your Eternal Presence, and Bring Us Where You Want Us To Be. Hold fast Your Love, Your People are searching, and not finding You, they can not hear You. Lord Open Up, and Send The Sound Waves so they can listen to you. August 9, 2008

Well, I have done some inputting and quite a bit of reading.

    I have written several writings in the last few weeks. 2008 is already over 17,000 words by itself. If I did not have this book to work on all these years since the day I left I would not have made it.

“Go into the “I,” of You, and talk To the Lord

    In the privacy of your mind, and your soul receives the messages that are waiting to be set free inside your private house. Talk to Jesus. Tell him your innermost thoughts. Confess what you need to so He can help cleanse you in the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Now would be a good time to read John 17 The Whole Chapter. Jesus Christ Prayer to God. Read Romans and Hebrews, and Corinthians read. Ask Jesus Christ to help you through this hard time in your life. Give Him you, confide in Him, ask Him for guidance, understanding. Give it to God. December 24, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2008-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


See there is a difference in our letters, and my writings.

Moon between My Trees
See there is a difference in our letters and my writings

His are to his first family, well our family, and they are significant to the fulfillment of “In Presence of Spirit,” as a whole developmental process from beginning to end.

The first book is the credentials

that I had done at the time; it was in no way complete. So I am sitting here with 330 books that are complete in regard, it is a book of its own.

It has been read by the family on my mom’s side only.

    I have the rest of everything I wrote, and that makes it three books in one. But what? There are three more years of writing after “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” that I did not realize until 2008. So I guess that makes it, more parts of the whole.

So with all this,

I am going to merge his letters with my writings a unique combination of flesh versus spirit, in this remarkable journey we have been on. I unite my writings  2005 with that of the letters the husband of my youth wrote the children and me, and I share them with anyone who wants to read it. I assure you, you will not get bored. “I decided long ago to leave his letters out; I gave him credit where no credit was do, honestly. I need to Publish for Publishing’s sake right now.”

It is from the Spirit of Christ, and he joined us,

as one in Spirit, because we never got here when we were’ married.

This love for him is better in Spirit,

So we may never again be entwined in the flesh, we are and will always be in the Spirit of “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord, and of course, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” in which we share in our commitment and our communications with each other, our love and understanding of the knowledge that is given through Jesus Christ our Savior, the only ruler of our souls. March 22, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I am going to have to Publish as is because I can not change it, and I am running out of time.

© 2008-2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Four hundred, and fifteen pages of Conversations with the Lord.

This yellow light was amazing.
It is a process when you are going through it by decade

    This is my evidence, and witness that Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, communicated, the passion of love, through me, and it all came out, in the completion of his numbered days, weeks, months, years.

    I am working on figuring out how many writings, prayers, quotes from the Holy Spirit through me. Because I can do nothing without, no constructive thought arises. When I am without the presence of spirit.

    I am back on April 28, 1997, So far. I am at number 183. I have four or five more hundred names and dates, of writings, to put in. I can only go so fast. It is a process when you are going through it by decade, plus two years extra, I had no idea. It kept growing, and each piece needs its home in the book, made to one.

    It has been a trip that is as significant today; then it was the days I wrote them, the time, the minute. To me; it was as if, I had just written it.

    All are verified, originals, edited pieces. All done by me, here, and there, and everywhere. To bring it all together, so many years later, is a real blessing because I am fulfilling my heart’s desire.

    My quest has been significantly verified, even though it has not been read by anyone else but Me.

    I know what Jesus Christ has given me. Oh Jesus Christ, Thank You for The Presence of the Holy Spirit, in the entire book of, “In Presence of Spirit.” With one heart to heal. February 9, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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