Lord Thank You, for Your Love, Throughout All Generations.

Thank You For The Understanding

Thank You, for The Understanding of Your Guiding Words. Thank You, for The Knowledge of The Universe. Thank You, for Salvation, Baptism, Deliverance. 

    Thank You, for the fire, which was a destiny, To Fulfill, Your Power, Through The Generations. Thank You, for my heart of the spirit, even though, sometimes, I do not think it is awake.

    Thank You, for getting me out of the desolation safely. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for repairing, what man has abused. Thank You, for our Children.

    In Jesus’ name, The Promises, The Statutes, The Mysteries, The Judgments, are being fulfilled, in the time, designated by You, God. We are in those times at hand. Lord the tests of time have not been easy, but You have stayed with me, Thank You, Lord.

    I Love You, in the depths, of the immortal oneness of, Your Ever Present Love, For You, with Jesus, all the Angels. You are, The Master of Creation. You are, The One and Only, for there is no other. With You, I am loved in secret, and I Dear Lord, am abundantly blessed, in the threshold, of Your Ever Presence. In Jesus, We Trust. Amen. August 6, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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