Goals: My Son and my Daughters.

In The Peace that is Granted to The Multitudes

The World through Jesus to God. In one heart soul, no room for any abominations.

One Cause,

From God through Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ in Christ Jesus, all is freed from the bondage, that has kept the decay;

Be released through the unveiling of “In Presence of Spirit,

A testimony of Jesus Christ, in one heart, for all to attain, the truly beautiful aspects of life. In the peace that is granted to the multitudes, From God through Jesus Christ for Mass Regeneration.

“Freed from the offspring of a man with no shepherd.”

The Lord is Calling Us In,

them, who can hear, let them come into the understanding of the oneness, in Christ Our Lord? In the real and inspiring revelations from beyond the veil.  To You With Love.

The unveiling is of the soul.

    Choose to live, and life will be granted. Life for life, death for death, eye for the eye, hand for hand, head for head, foot for foot, the heart for heart, soul for the soul. All in which belong to Our Father who is, always was, and will still be, through Christ, life is given, In Him, Through Him.

    The Presence of God is shown to the multitudes, through the veil, of the oneness, with Christ. Wendy November 02, 1997 Wendy Yvette Greenwell March 16, 2015 (2 months later he gave me back my children) Wendy Greenwell April 28, 2016, and they have multiplied going on 15 one in heaven. November 4, 2018, 18 is on the way, oh, wow. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.