Today is nine years, since the night, I left.

I felt I had no other choice.

Right Time Right Place Right Minute

I was in pieces, and I could not do more. Oh Lord forgive me. I should have been stronger but, I was weak as weak, could be.

The writings, came at the right time, the right place, the right minute.

    I was crazy. I should have been in a psych ward but, You picked me up, wiped me off, and gave me the words of inspiration, in the rest of, “In Presence of Spirit.” “The Extensions.”

You gave me, a heart to feel. Eyes to see.

    You gave me understanding, courage, faith, patience. You gave me, resources of heart and soul. To hear, Your small voice, speaking to me, in the quiet, solitude, in my inner being.

    Forgive me, for not portraying, a Godly woman, in Christ, I am. But no one has known, the depths, of my soul but, You Dear Lord. This is the first of 365-day entries, “(that I did not do)” (but maybe I have 365 writings, probably more.)

Letter to, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I need You, Lord. I need You to cleanse me. Clean my cobwebs. I will work for understanding and wisdom. Guide and direct us, to the next level, of awareness. I Love You Jesus, Wendy December 29, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell October 29, 2014

So Close

    Oh, so close, To The, “New Year.” What is going to happen in 2005? What surprises do we have, in store? 2000 plus years. Jesus, Birth, Life, Ministry, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal.

Oh Lord, do not despise. Forgive me, Lord, my trespasses.

Forgive me, my sins. My inability, to be out, in the World. Where do you want, “In Presence of Spirit.” Lord Jesus? What is it that, we need to do, to give it, it’s rightful place, in History or Victory. Wendy December 29, 2004

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