You are here with me in Spirit.

You Are Here With Me In Spirit

The writings are priceless; they are my sanity. Oh Lord, I need the mastery of your passionate promises, to humankind. 

For narrow is the way, and few get there but, by giving up totally, through Jesus Christ to God, the envelopment of the truth, is reinstated.

    From the ancient past of promises, from God through Jesus Christ, to whom the seed was sent too, not of many but of, One Christ, One Lord, One Father.

    It is abandonment to The Light of Spirit. In Spirit, we are revealed, the secrets, of the ancient writings. We are one in Him, through Him, round about Him. His Presence is a breath away, not a couple thousand more years.

    For it is by The Grace of God, I have received the gift of writing. Through the Spirit of Our Holiest of Holy, through Jesus Christ from God the Father of the Heavens.

    In Spirit, in faith, in love, in understanding, in patience, in courage, in strength, in the loss, in death, To The Unveiling of The Oneness of Christ, Within. No Date Wendy Yvette Greenwell  

© no-date-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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