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“Oh yeah, what better name.”

My favorite plants

Normally, I hide in the past, with the pages, I wrote, through out, all the years. Lately it is different. Only in Spirit, I am bold. I can not take it back. The words, I wrote, write, all the Publications.

    What am I supposed to do Lord, with all our conversations in, “Spirit Unity.” I heard recently, “God is our One True Love.” I was universally united in spirit in my writing, in spurts.

    It is what I needed, and wanted to do. Years later fifteen years, I started sharing on the internet. I had an accident with the brain of a stereo, fell off the shelf, and hit me under my right eye. That is when I drafted the website.

    I could not stop Publishing, I felt the need to share. Who am I? Everyone’s sister in Christ Consciousness.

    March 6, 2023, It has been a few days since I Published, Mike 2. I can not believe my boldness sometimes. It is every thing I needed him to know. I am laughing, sorta. Who does this?

    He was an important part, I will not leave him out. It was the activation, and I felt it open up the circuits of my preservation of “me, myself, and I,”  which is all in one.” We, are We, always, and forever more and then some.

    1:51 am twelve hours before I go to my Lung Doctor. I have been through so much.  My girls, all the grandchildren, seven without their Dad. Not to forget the 19th on the way. 20, one great grand child.

    I panicked and told the RN that I do not want to do this anymore. I have been crying more than I have in decades. My Son’s pup, he gave me passed away yesterday. I will never get another animal.

    I need a break, a retreat, a respite, five days is not enough. I told the RN if I leave for five days, I am not coming back. Is it really fair.

    I did it for my friend. I do not want to watch him pass. I am tired does any one get it. Now, I will see what’s in my lung, then he will tell me what needs to be done. This is going to be interesting. I will probably tell you.

    It has been since the eighth of February at two am that I smoked my last cigarette. Hospital at one pm. The investigation experiment, exploration, in my lung. They started at 4:30 pm.  There was something stuck in my air waves, they sucked it out.

    Then off to find that one and a half centimeter nodgel. A pin prick enough to analyze, and give me the results, yesterday at 1:40 pm. Benign, another cat scan in six weeks, twenty one days, I have not had a cigarette.

     I put myself on the patch the night I got home. The gum was not helping, withdrawal was not going to happen. So I finally put my first patch on, Step One 21 mg of nicotine, in a twenty four hour period.

    Today is twenty one patches. “today 31, oh wow what a difference, I have not smoked since the exploration of my lungs. Two and a half years something was stuck in my air waves. “Hour over, patch time. Break!”

3/13/23, The computer froze, and so I left it, until now. I feel I need to finish it, and Publish it. So here it goes.

    One night, my sis and I went to the neighbor hood Wal-Mart, I did not feel right, so, we finished up, put stuff in the car, left to go to my soda store, looked around no wallet.

    Back to Wal-Mart, and I get out of the car, and a man in a white Van told me he took it to the office. I thanked him, virtual hug, and blew a kiss with both hands. Everything was in it. So when I got home I told my Dad and he got his mini locks, so I have it locked into my purse now.

    The patch had fallen off, and I was having nicotine withdrawals. When I realized I put another one on and I was okay as I can be under these circumstances.

    All of them, including, not limited, in one shape, or form of my entire writing, and Publishing, “In Presence of Spirit.com.”

    June 17, 2023: I Published my personal conversations with the Lord, because I felt I needed to share, from the beginning, “In Presence of Spirit.” So, December 13, 2013, I opened this website, all at once.

     I started Publishing October 2011, on blogger. It is drafted. I looked through the months and years, on this website on my phone a couple of hours ago. For the first time in months. I have not Published since January of this year.

    I need to say, that my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” saved me through all the years. Everything I wrote, was in spirit, not without. I shared with anyone that might find it. I felt I had to. No one could stop me.

    Even though I did not write about the specifics of my situation, I was praying to the Lord, for comfort through the rockiest years of my life with my teenagers, their significant others, and all my grandchildren. None of it was easy. In a couple of weeks or less, my oldest daughter, 40, will be having my nineteenth grandchild, a girl.

    7/27/2023, The baby is here, last week. She is beautiful, tiny. I still do not know what to do with my website. I edited less than ten a while ago, I read them. I can not take them back. To me, they are inpresenceofspirit.com. Wendy

© 2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell


If you are married, double sorry,

One of those perfect photo nights

if you have a girlfriend sorry. It is what it is. Seeing what happened on February 9, 2011, that fateful day you called, and said what you did to me. I do not remember word for word and that is a good thing.

    It would have been worse had you been married. POWER AND CONTROL. I wanted you to know that he gave my kids back. Twenty three months after our Divorce. I needed to re-coop. I had never worked, the kids would not go to the shelter with me.

    When you made that special, is that you activated something in me when you got my attention. You rubbed your hands together, then clapped your hands, and  then I looked. Wow, you made me smile, you just stayed with me after that.

    It was what sparked a light in my heart, and sent me on to Jesus Christ and my writing. I have been sharing since, October 2011. That is what your short, and sweet conversation did to me. Let me be free to Publish 615  so far writings.

    I am telling you this because if I die during the lung surgery, which is serious, you will never know, if you do not already. I loved you then, and I love you now in my Wendy way.

    Up until February 9, 2011 before you called. I needed closure and your spirit presence was ripped right out of me. My writing after that was different. Better in ways. I really never let you go though. Even though.

    You are the one that activated it, and what up with our eye contact. Not even with my first love, did we ever look as intense as we did, without saying a word. Several times. You took his place ha.

    Well, so, inpresenceofspirit.com/mike/, there is a writing or letter to you. It is a long one. I kept adding, over the years. I put it in private several times. Now it is on-line. I have no idea how you will take it, but thank you for acknowledging my existence, it helped me in so many ways.

    This site is 358 GB’s. So nothing is summed ? up in a few words. But, “Mike,” will tell you what happened, and why I share my writings with the World, and I am not Social, and I have not made a cent. It is for anyone who wants a little or a lot of time, “In Presence of Spirit.com.”

    Dear God I need to, I have to send this to Mike. Surgery three pm., out patient, only one and a half centimeters. I want nothing from you. Well today blood work preliminary before a major surgery the eighth of February, the surgery. If I make it through.

    The 12th anniversary of that phone call. Then the 10th my 63 birthday, and my twin 23 minutes later on the 11th, 1960. Big week a head. Chow, I was hurt, I understood why, and it was the best, look what it produced all my writings, and Publications.

    I want to say more. My times, “In Presence of Spirit,” are the now time forever more. They were’ written in the now, and forever level of awareness, they became a massive conversation with the Lord, in Spirit.

    I am writing in Spirit of every thing I wrote, and you need to know in case I die on Wednesday the 8th of February. Oh Wow. Do I have the courage to send this to you, after telling all that transpired from the acknowledgment to the deliverance, and then actually delivering.

    My Mom told me the day you saw me in the convertible. To pray to God for you to be with me. I said no Mom, I will not ever do that. I pray with you in Spirit. Universal Spirit, a Spirit of one heart, one mind, one soul, entwined in the light of love that transpired when I started writing, the pieces. 1996-2023, December 13, 2013-2023, since it became inpresenceofspirit.com.

    I hope one day you will find it. It does not look like you have. I just wanted you to know it was in light, not darkness. I still believe it is in the heaven, and on earth. Even when I am gone.

    I guess only so much time. I think I will put the break in. I will not rely on anyone else, while I am recouping, and waiting for the verdict.

    It all goes together, piece by piece. It will always be meant to be shared. It will probably be read when I am gone. That was morbid. Truth hurts. I will be under anesthesia, when they go explore in my lung. Sarah, is gone, she passed November 10, 2022, three years after my Son’s passing, November 09, 2019 {Tomorrow  03/03/03, is when my  grandson passed.} RIP

    Oh, well am I, would I, could I, should I, will I, send it to you. I think I can at the least you are, in presence of spirit with me in my knowing. What true love really is. It is in my writings, with the Lord in Spirit, Universal as one in Spirit, one in the Lord Amen, to everyone for-ever-more.

I am going to Publish, because I can.

    It is March 27, 2023, I have been on the patch since February 8, 2023. I have four 21 mg patches left then on to Step 2.  Straight up and straight out. It has been 47 days tonight, not one cig. I am not able to force myself to finish a post that is in draft.

    I will say, the biopsy is benign, another Cat Scan sometime in the next few weeks. The Radiologist said, three months, the Doctors want it sooner.  I am sleeping way to much, staying in my room most of the time. It is to hot in the rest of the house.

    The television hurts my ears. 75 – 80 volume at times. I have been Publishing for a decade on this site. Right now I am stuck, the analytics are not executed right. So, it is like I am not a nothing kind of site.

    It is for me first, “In Presence of Spirit,” because I wrote it, and it was always meant to be shared. So, I freak out some times because the everything I wrote, and the 620 that I have Published. I was meant to write the website, word for word, to share. Until, whatever is going to happen in the future.

   I am recovering, and still obligated, my friend, completely bed ridden. He has a CNA, that comes to bathe him, once a day, 5. Which is a big help, they give him an hour, in fifteen minutes. I stopped complaining. They have a lot of patients but…it does not matter.

    I am not working on here, so it has only less than 9000 views this month. Not sure what I am supposed to do! 06/017/2023 46,917 views without working on it for five months. I guess this is not that bad. Well compared to last year 413,000 views. I worked on it a lot.

    I had my second cat-scan the one and half centimeter was .02, but there are some small one’s in the right lung. Cat-scan November 3, 2023. Wasting time, I need to do something out of the ordinary to finish this off. My daughter is having a baby at 40, going on 19 grandchildren, and one great grandson, one in heaven.

    I hope you are alright about my personal conversations with the Lord, that I have shared with the World. If you do not know about my website, oh well. Wendy I am leaving it on here.

© 2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Thank you God, for this beautiful hot day here in deep South Texas.

The tree froze, had to cut it down, but not forgotten.
My mirror image Norfolk Island Pine that the freeze froze

    Where am I, when I am without the Holy Spirit? The teaching is even though we might think we are without the Holy Spirit, we are not. By the grace of the divine blood.

    In the name of our Father that has conquered defeat. The Holy Spirit lives, in every one of us. All we have to do is activate the ritual cleansing to ritual purification in the Spirit, with the Spirit, beside Spirit, through Spirit, round about the Glory of God, in presence of Spirit. I am fixing to let it fly out of the nest.

    My nest of omnipresent writing in spirit. “In Presence of Spirit,” with the Holy Spirit, and Wendy, writing to the World. I am bold because in spirit I have achieved an understanding that I once, and for all have to share.

    It was, is and will always be the I have to of it all. I did the right thing. Even those closest to me that new, did not care to know. It has always been okay because I know, and Richard knows, my writings are significant to the fulfillment of my hearts desire, and my hearts quest.

    In presence of the Holy Spirit, has guided me through. I will not let my love, and my life not be read. I believe with all my heart, with all my soul, that the Holy Spirit is my eternal companion, and it is for God’s purpose that I share. It never was for me alone. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, are “In Presence of Spirit,” with everyone. May 7, 2009 Wendy

©  2009- 2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell


This must go out to the World.

Photo in the night fog.
Blast from the past

I am weary. I have the Lord to back me up, but no human person has touched my writings.

    Yes, all done by me, Wendy, my conversations are from the past, we are all, one in presence of spirit. I shared 610 personal conversation I had, in presence of spirit, with anyone who stops by, and reads it.

    I must at some point make it more accessible. I blame this solely on myself. It is overwhelming, I have to do it myself.

    I have to look past myself, and send it out to the World. I do not correspond  with anyone. I freak, that is why this website has been silent, so to speak.

    10,555, views since I hit 400,000 page views 2022, Bringing the total to 2,599,450 page views since December 13, 2013. It is significant to me. Sharing is caring. Always and forever meant to be shared. I believe this for eternity.

    I was full of Publication at the first of the year. Publishing for the first time with no dates. It was out of the ordinary experience for me in every sense of the word. Then all the responsibility came tumbling down.

    That was then now is now. This is the third time the site hit, 400,000 views, in one year. This year was the highest. 410,555 bringing it up to 2, 604,846 page views. Anyway the writings from 2022 are from 1996-2022.

    Pieces put together to become the whole of 2022 writings from the past, future and now. These  times I had “In Presence of Spirit,” are for all of us. No one left out. No how, no way could I have come up with this without the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

    It all fell into place, each piece on it’s own. It stopped being a book a long time ago. I started on the internet in October 2011, I had shared twenty writings on Facebook to two people, that were open. so they were passed on, I guess. I deleted it all, kept no copy for myself.

    The whole, In Presence of Spirit.com is my gift to anyone who will ever read my conversations with the Lord. What do I do? Waller or get this show on the road.

    The heart knows what is written is, in presence of spirit. It is a gift of thanksgiving of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In faith of the Unities of our eternal existence. 11:38 December 29, 2022. Wendy

© 2022-2023 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I need to pray

I took thousands of photo’s in the rain, drizzle, fog, not anymore.

for the way to open up the heavens again. In myself, for the purification of the entire Now. Right now, in yesterdays, tomorrows. Right now, I long to be in communication in Spirit, with everyone at the same time.

    Being here or not, in all other Galaxies, the whole Cosmos, the whole of the entire every thing seen and unseen. In actuality, We Are! We are all here right here, right now. We are all in presence of spirit, at the same time. No matter here or there.

    Yes, it is up in the heavens, it is meant to mend  broken hearts. It is a break away from the norm. If you read in the I am of you, and not me, you would have more understanding.

    Never for myself alone, I knew this from the 1996 beginning, “Knowledge.” Spent January 1996, to January 17, 2023, Twenty seven years with my personal conversation with the Lord.

    Always knowing I was going to share from the beginning. Just by writing, I was sharing in Spirit, to you. Everyone here, there, and everywhere. That is my spontaneous spiritual nature that needs to be fully activated. I need help.

    We were exposed to asbestos in the big house. 1988-December 29, 1995. I drilled a hole to hang a hanging basket, no mask, oh me, oh my. I fell off the face of the earth. Four days before my youngest daughters tenth birthday. They did not want to go to the shelter with me. I was total burn out, besides I had some writing to do.

    From beginning to end, and end to beginning. Physically by myself, Spiritually the Holy Congregation of our Lord God Almighty in the Spirit of One God the Father, One God the Son, and One God the Holy Spirit.

    The Trinity of Union of Divine Mercy. My writings are not written in vain. They are guided by the light of love for all eternity. All of them are, In Presence of Spirit, one in spirit, one in the Lord, which makes them yours, mine and ours’s. Even if you do not understand.

    I need to open up, and let the light shine through the pages of the writings of inpresenceofspirit.com. Looking past my present circumstances. I need to finish this off. Who knows, how long, God knows. Wendy

© 2023- 2024 inpresenceofspirit.com Wendy Yvette Greenwell