Your forgiveness comes from Jesus Christ and The Ever Presence.

To Touch The Presence of His Spirit

Only through Him, you can be forgiven. Only through Him, is Salvation.  Only through Him, can the ignition to Him, activate the total cleansing of one’s heart, mind, and soul.

 So the internal purification, is always in motion, even if you backtrack. You’re getting closer, to the truth, about your existence in the God Family of Jesus Christ Our Savior and Lord.

 Only through Him, is Redemption.

    Only through Him, is Ever Lasting Life, only through His hands, are we healed, Only on His feet, can we stand, Only in His arms, can we rest?

    Only in His Spirit, in Him, guiding you home, home, to the kingdom of heaven within. Only in Him, lies the truth of our existence. Only through Him, the eternal pain is taken away. Only in Him, is The Presence of Spirit, given to us, for sanctification, and justification.

    To reach and go beyond, our human capabilities. To touch, The Presence, of the Spirit, he left us. So we can find Him, in our hearts, minds, and souls. In our inner chamber, where he is, and ever shall be.

Only in Him, is life after death.

    Only in Him, can death in the flesh, be cured. Only in Him, is peace. Only in Him, He is the Resurrection, and The Life. Only in Him, is Life Eternal.
    Only in You, Jesus is the kingdom of heaven, attainable. Only in You, Will Be Peace on Earth. Good Will Towards All Mankind.
    Only You can see me through, from darkness to the light of, Your Ever Presence, in all our writings. Only You, brought the words, out of my spirit. Thank You, so much.

Only Through You, is escape from bondage.

    The bondage of your inner being, torn and ripped apart, with no way of escape. You are their only escape, from darkness to the light. Your Presence is captured in the pages of my conversations; I have with you. I Love You, Jesus.
Thank You for the book the whole book of, In Presence of Spirit.
    Not leaving the first book out, it is in the extended version — the whole book from end to beginning, and soon to be beginning to end.
    Certified, Documented, Library of Congress, and Published, for anyone to read, for the first time. Awesome.
This time I feel, it will be read,

So I can do all that is stated in this book of mine, soon to be yours, and mine. Anyone who wants to read, “In Presence of Spirit.”  I told my twin, I am a World writer, she laughed and went in the house. But in the essence of the entire book, “Writings” that is exactly what I am and ever shall be. 7:17 p.m. December 26, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    I know I am extremely bold in my writings. Sure sometimes I try to edit, but all and all, they are as is. I refuse to be ashamed of my boldness. These are my times in solitude with the Lord, “In Presence of Spirit,” and it seems like, I am writing to you at the same time.

The first part is revised, into present tense:

    My forgiveness comes from Jesus Christ, and The Ever Presence. Only through You, I can be forgiven. Only through You is Salvation. Only through You can the ignition to You, activate the total cleansing of my heart and soul.

    So, the internal purification, is always in motion, even if I backtrack. I am getting closer, to the truth, about my existence. In The God Family of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Only through You is Redemption. Only through You, is Everlasting Life. Only through Your Hands, am I healed. Only on Your feet can I stand.

    Only in Your Arms, can I rest. Only in Your Spirit, is You, guiding me home. Home to the Kingdom of heaven within. Only in You, lies the truth of my existence. Only through You, the eternal pain is taken away. Only in You, is Your Presence In Spirit, given to me, for sanctification and justification.

    To reach and go beyond my human capabilities. To touch the Presence of Your Spirit, You left me. So I can find You, in my heart, in my mind, and soul. In my inner chamber, where You are and ever shall be. Only in You, is life after death. Only in You can death in the flesh be cured. Only in You is Peace. Only in You, You are The Resurrection and The Life. Only through You is Life Eternal. September 20, 2016

    This one is original, I edited the other one. Someone said, not to say “him,” as God, Jesus Christ, I was a little off on the tense. So now that I am editing for the last time I will try and fix all of them even though once, many times, I said they are as is. 

© 2009-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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