He is there to come in, and cleanse the generational deterioration.

It Is A Holy Congregation with Our Lord Jesus

So the regeneration can take place, before destruction. Total abandonment, from one’s own will, Is isolation to the innermost part of your being, which constitutes, complete acceptance of I am a sinner, my life, and surroundings, are entirely out of control, madness has to stop now.

    In all my writings this past year, I released through Jesus, His Ever-Present Spirit. The Prayers from The Revelations of, Our Lord Jesus Christ. His way is complete; there is no other. For the more significant so that peace can be granted among, All People, All Nations.

    The Glory of God, is through the portal, in which Our Lord Jesus, is waiting, with All His Power, and Glory. It can be achieved, will be relieved, in and through, The Spirit of Our Heavenly Father. Through Total Acceptance of Truth, Salvation, Complete Baptism, Deliverance and The Testimonies hereof, will bring Peace To The Oneness of Truth, We All Possess.

    With the numerous hours of studying the Bible. I acquired understanding, and I was finally freed of all my turmoil, and frustration of no meaning, this is not it. It is Holy Congregation, With Our Lord Jesus, here on Earth. June 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.