I know in my heart,

I Know In My Heart We Are Going To Have A Safe Haven
We are going to have a “Safe Haven for the transitional year,” in every City, where Women are having their, “Last Fight.” It has been going on for Centuries. We are going to throw the abuse away, and bring back the beautiful aspects of life, for our sisters, families, neighbors.

    For Centuries, Women have been mistreated, been there, done it, more than we know. Now we know we are not alone. Everyone in their way has prayed for a way out. I have been living lifetimes in a day. The cleansing, the pealing of the onion.

    No one got here by themselves! So we should share our recovery from the deterioration of what is most important for our Families! Save the Women. Save the Children, Stop the cycle of abuse.

    We need to help regenerate, Our God-Given Rights, “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand, make this World a better place if we can.”

    We Can! Our way has been shown. Not for greed, but for compassion, understanding, help in gaining knowledge.

    The process is harder, if you are on your own, by that time you are so hurt, you just do not have any fight left. I have been fortunate in the first two and a half months, I went to sixty Al-anon meetings.

    When are we going to get up, and use our knowledge for the multitudes, as Christ did, and is doing through all the people, that have been afflicted through misunderstanding. January 21, 1996 Wendy Yvette Lyke, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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