Preserved: To guard, keep, protect, preserve, watch over, care for, safe keep.

Preserved: Occurs 450, times in the Old Testament. “Shamar”

Lord Teach Me To Pray Again

Lord, I still do not understand, about “favor” I read and wrote the scriptures on it but, I still do not understand. Lord teach me to pray again.

Holy Spirit of God and Jesus Christ, help me, teach me, cleanse me.

    Show me the way, to the health and prosperity of Spirit. Help me get the things done; I need to get done. Help me, clear myself up and wash myself off, of my own and others abominations. I have already been desolate, and I wish not to walk, through that gate, again.

Open up the gates of heaven, and bring down the blessing to, Your People.

    To my children and me and my grandchildren. To the ones who have already, crossed over. To my parents, sisters, and brother. The Greenwell Families and The Thatcher Families. All the Families in the World.  

Bring love to the multitudes. Bring Your Truth Alive, through Yours, Kindred Spirit.

    Open my heart, to understand. Guide and direct me, where I have to go, where you want me to go. Jesus Christ show me the way, to feel you again, in Spirit. In Love, Help me visualize because I do not know how to. Help me recall scripture and whatever else needs remembering.

Jesus, Bless Our Book,  “In Presence of Spirit.”

    That is one thing that desperately, needs favor of, Your Ever Loving Spirit. Give people understanding. Lord Jesus bring Knowledge, Patience, and Wisdom again. Courage, Faith, Fortitude. Success and Prosperity.

    Help me with being, around people. Lord help me, get organized, home, car, self, and clients. Forgive me, Lord, for all my sins. Help me write again. Lessen their pain. Twin and RH.

All these things, I pray, In Spirit, To The Holy Spirit.

To reach Jesus, so you can help me, through all these things, I need to do. Because I can not do anything by myself. In Jesus Christ Name. Your will be done. Wendy February 6, 2004

© 2004-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


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