This is the year of release.

So I Grieved The Departure of My Captivating Vibrations In Spirit

The Completion to me, I thought to complete, what I wrote, the manuscript and I sent it to be published, that my job was on hold. What am I going to do, now So I grieved, the departure, of my captivating vibrations, of spirit. In writing. My brain has nothing, going on.

I love you. I love you, too. I love you, also. I love you, forever. I love you for eternity.

    Only in the Lord. I am growing stronger. I am working on, some stuff, slowly. I have to get up and do it. People are waiting, for the Christ within. To spread my wings and fly over, The World. To Proclaim, The Prosperity of, heart and soul through, Jesus Christ.  “Our Savior. Our Redeemer. Our Deliverer. Our Benefit, Into The Glory of God. Is a generational cleansing to the oneness of truth.”  separate quotes from my writings. “Not the end of time but, the beginning of eternity.” 

Lord Hear Our Prayers.

    First and last. Beginning and end. I need some revelations, realizations. I need my awakening, to wake me up! Come on; it is not all my fault. Too much has happened and so much should have had unique experiences, that turned, to nightmares, from hell.

    What am I going to do? I am going to learn how to pray again. I have got to give the whole thing, over to, You, Jesus Christ. I have burnt out yet.

    “Where are we, without.” “Our Eternal Lives are at hand.” “Words are flowing with everywhere to fly.” The wings of an angel, words on the angel’s wing. Spirit of the words that were’ left, to minister to the multitudes. From The Spirit of God the Father, God The Son, God The  Holy Ghost.

Make thy will pass.

     The fire of Your Glory. Authentic from, Our Savior and Lord. Jesus Christ, Our Savior, and Lord. Bring darkness to the light, through You, from You, “until the end of time.” Health, balance, exercise, ha, Protect All My Family, And the whole World.

    Remember “Revolutionary progressions of truth, are going to be heard through the airwaves.” People will be hearing the Son of God is here, is giving the prophecy, the time is due.” Oh yeah, Me. This was an inspired revelation. 

    Money source for significant fruition. I need someone out of the blue that has read my book and wanted to help promote it. Say what? For Jesus Cause, now mine. The Bills etc., help me get organized. Where? How? When? “In Presence of Spirit.” Protect this house, make it into a home. Help me! Help Me! Help Me! 

You know the drill tired of the same ole, same ole.

    Need a massive change, for the better, to promote, and get sponsored. The good feeling is for a great purpose. For humanity to come home, to Father God, Father Son and The Holy Spirit of, Christ Jesus, home.

    “Thoughts flowing with nowhere to hide. For all is gone and You are thee, that lights the light, of thine heart, soul, breath. Thy mind is elevated, from the World, roundabout. For it is thy will be done, for the strength I have, is from thee  (and I need now). The knowledge I received through my tribulation is wisdom and has given me courage, and faith, that belongs to, Our Father in heaven.” (needs to be, put back in action.)

    Wow, can we write again? Can we love again? Can we let go of all the pain? Anguish and put it where it belongs. “In the destruction of the desolation. Left in the fire, from sin to forgiveness. In turn separating your soul, from any more destruction, (pain). It is total abandonment, from one’s own will.” “It relinquishes the past, of its present pain and stands forthright, in faith, to the truth, of our existence.” me

“Lifers trauma’s affect the balance of the truth.

    Confused through the clouded darkness, of one’s most inner being. The circle of events is repetitious, throughout history. So many are kept, secret. Charted Course and it is hard to stop the cycle.” me

    I have not written for a long time. Will see what is up, on my plate. You want a fight, I will give you, a fight. “Safe Haven’s for the transitional year after the last fight,” will happen. To the regeneration of our souls. To you with love. Anyone who reads my book, (my writings) “In Presence of Spirit.” I had a sizzling seven years. Oh Lord Jesus, Help. October 18, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2004-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


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