“Ask, and you will receive.”

Spheres and my Palm Tree
It was a clear night.

    Ask anything in Jesus Christ name and you will receive bountiful blessings of heavenly manna of forgiveness and all that entails.

    I ask in your name Jesus Christ for the fulfillment of my hearts quest, and desire. To fulfill my part in sharing the writings.

    You know, when I was moved by the Holy Spirit, and writing, life was exciting. It was a breath of fresh air, and to lose that has been a burden on me.

    To come to the door of everyone’s soul. So, your healing in one heart, one mind, one soul, can ignite the passion for mass remission of sin from you with love.

    Thank you Lord. Help me have patience through these treacherous days, guide me to where you want me.

    Bring in the passion of your omnipresence to the Glory of God at your imminent calling. Through you life is granted.

    Why do you call Mike an illusion? Why do you call me an illusion? In every writing I wrote, you were there with me, in presence of spirit.

    So, if you were always there with me, in presence of spirit, the whole Galaxy, and beyond is with us, in presence of spirit, at the same time.

    Action of relativity, which is omnipresent. Being present at the inscription, every time, and to me every time I read it. It is like the first time, as if I am, “In Presence of Spirit,” at the same time, right here, right now.

    To tell you the truth. I wrote it all, “In Presence of,” so it was always meant to be shared. I new from the beginning that one day, through all the years, I was going to Publish, one way or another.

    I refuse to be embarrassed.

    I heard the call. Left it in time. I am calling out to you Lord.

    All talk, no action, all because I am a human being, only one, who stayed the course of this. The entire of the whole of the extensions of, “In Presence of”

    The purpose of the manuscript is unified in the oneness of truth. Which only comes from the Holy Spirit from God through Jesus Christ, through the veil of, “In Presence of Spirit,” in the Spirit, he left everyone.

    “Ask and it shall be given.”

    Peace amid all the troubles, trials, and tribulations, that the World is suffering, right now.

    Ask for him, united in the writings from darkness to the light.

    Words are not flowing, wonder where they all have gone. Remember Wendy, the way to, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Inside, and personal in the most intimate way, in spirit with the Holy Spirit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Lord, help the World.

    Call Me! What do you want? Out loud, all that I want is everything, I once wrote in spirit, not without.

    I call on your name Jesus Christ for the purification of the World, from God the Father, through your hands. Wendy

©2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.