I do not need anyone’s consent!

Backyard night Photo, drizzling
Backyard Palm is twenty years old. So it is super energized.

Jesus Christ knows, I do not need their blessings, for this to be accomplished. It already was, the second I left.

 It is soul soothing writings, to me, anyway.

I was the outcast, but after I gave sixty books away to family, acquaintances, they all freaked.  They were’ all embarrassed of me. To them sweetheart, I am praying in tongues, cuz’ they do not have understanding.

    How could the one with the problems, I have had, be anything to the Lord. I bet if I were’ to share it to the World, it is destined, to complete the mission, it was sent to give.

     What can anyone say about my writings? I craved the communication, I worked for it, without a pay check. I have been working on the writings a year, full time.

    I remember when I started, every writing, I read, are as if, I just wrote them. They really did not need the dates, but that to me is significant. “Not in 2022.”

    I Published one hundred forty four writings, and I can not take anything out. So, I am taking a breath. Although, I need strength, and courage to follow this course all the way home. That is where the saying, “Home in the heart, and soul of humanity.” Oh Lord, help. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell



Lord, show me thy way,

Night Photo in the backyard
A normal night, capturing interesting photo’s in the dark with a flash

thy way is so much grander, and I wish to walk out firmly in your presence. My heart longs to be one in Spirit, again.

    Clouded through darkness of one’s ever presence. Without is so lonely, with you want no separation, but God will stomp out the deceit, and truth shall prevail.

    The time is now, Lord. Scary as it seems my mouth has got to open. I need to venture out into the unknown. In the arms of grace deliver Satan into the bottomless pit.

    Abolish the abominations of desolation caused by the negative side of doom. Bring the light to the Multitudes. Sin does not discriminate, we are all born of sin. We are all predestined, to enter the kingdom of heaven within.

    The doors have been opened. He is calling us in. Them that understands, let him come into the inner chamber, and follow the calling of your spiritual quest, to come into Father God, Father Son, Father of the holiest Spirit. In Christ we trust. Ours for the asking. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


It is the Lords:

Backyard Photo in the dark with a flash
Playing with my phone

    It was for me to go straight to the Lord, and ask for forgiveness.

    Ask Jesus Christ, for help, for strength, for worthiness, for acceptance, for purification, sanctification, for cleansing, for courage, for peace.

    Jesus said it, Okay Wendy, take up your cross, and go with me, and I did. I walked completely out of my life, with nothing but the knowledge, that the Lord, wanted me to take a rest, a rest with him, to heal, my soul.

    My most memorable moments is every minute, I was absorbed in my writings with the Lord. I believe what I believe, and I know in my inner being that it is truth. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


I was asleep, I heard a voice say:

Night Photo of the Moon
After the trees were gone

Wendy wake up! Loud, I said, what!

Good day Lord, thank you for this day, bless the World in everyway. Help us, guide us, direct us, hold us all together in the hands of grace. Protect us.

    Lord, I need to pray for myself. “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be World without end.”

    Help me, guide me, ignite the light that is you in my heart again. Bring the Holy comfort down, and rest with me for eternity.

    Open my heart to understanding again. Help me open up to the presence in spirit again. Clear the air waves. Bring light in the portal of my very existence.

    Claim the Divine Gifts, of eternal being, in oneness with the Almighty God. With the Universe, with the Multi-Universe, with all our one true love. The Divine Source within us all.

    Open up, and ignite the love of the one source of existence. Let the Son of God shine in. In breath, in length, in height, in depth, in width, all in acceptance, all for the one source that brought us into existence.

    Thank you Jesus Christ, for bringing me home, “In Presence of” My God, my Lord, open up the heavens, and rain down heavenly blessings, on humanity, and flush this virus away.

    Hope, love, compassion, passion, understanding, knowledge, patience, guidance, love, fortitude, guided, strength, light, journey, acceptance. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


In the name of Jesus Christ I do pray.

Night Photo I took

    Lord forgive me for following so many subscription of The New Age Movement. So much is so positive. I thought it was okay.

    I feel like I know you personally, to the uttermost parts of my soul, and back from here to eternity. With the passion I have in all my writings with you and me, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    It is not, an illusion. Know one but you gave me forgiveness of my turmoil, of my sin. You gave me unconditional love, and you gave me “In Presence of Spirit.”

    We entwined in the presence of our Spirits together united in the oneness of truth. That you gave for the remission of sin. From God through Jesus Christ to us all.

    We are one in Spirit. We are one in the Lord. We are Universal in all ways. Open up our minds to understanding. To be lit up by the Love of Christ Jesus, is the way truth and the light. I want to go your way Lord. My way is not working.

    I am light in the majesty of the Almighty. I am one in spirit with you Lord, in all our conversations in writing. From beginning to end, and end to beginning.

    Thank you Lord, for “In Presence of Spirit” in all the writings, you gave me, in the awakening of my soul, and all the in between.

    I desire to rise above the mundane perception again, and rise up to my true hearts desire. To be one in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    One with the Lord, that we may be one in Spirit, one in the Lord, together forever in the love of the Holy Spirit. Help me, get back to you, dear Lord, in presence of the Holy Spirit. I need you so, you have to know.

    Whoa! I have to do something! Show me the way out of this horrid misconception of poverty, into the light of love, and abundance. To produce the fruition of all the plans, you put forth, in the writings, you blessed me with. I am alive. I am, in presence of spirit. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell