You asked, and you will receive, just a little more time.

Out of the ordinary
Well, I told, and no one is listening.

    Well, I told, and no one is listening. It is not dull reading. I think it flows, even though I have not read the book yet. I think it is one of those psychological things. I am not satisfied, but what? I am getting satisfied with sharing. I am sharing a piece of my heart, with you.

    I share it with you and with the World, and I am grateful for this. Yes by sharing it with you, I am sharing it with the World. I was a floater, searching for the key, to my heart, and it found me, that day in April 1988, it flew right through me, on paper.

    I never let it go, then a few writings, and then our destruction. I would not have made it if I had not been constructive in writing, all that involves my book, and extensions. You know what it means to me. Something so special will not stay in hiding. Watch and see, we will overcome in the blood of Jesus. I loved it too. September 6, 2005


Sunset in the front yard
Perfect Sunset

Thank you, Jesus, for letting me write again.   Thank You, Jesus, for the husband of my youth, asking me to pray with him, he was the first one, to ask.

    Protect him, Lord, let him know he is loved and I am working on our 2005 writings. “In actuality, they are  mine, not his.” You know he could put his prayers with other’s prayers, make it a big thick book, with the love of Jesus Christ, manifested in the reality of our real existence, which is in the love of Jesus Christ.

Thank You, Jesus.

    Jesus, I need to say that for many years, I did not think anything like this was going to happen. It is an honor to share it with the husband of my youth. This was not the intent of giving him my pure heart, who aspires To You, and All Your Glory and Love Forever Amen. But you know, it was him, for his pain, my pain, everyone’s pain.

    I know I have enough writings and prayers. I did a lot of work, with you Jesus. What else would make such an impact? Lord protect him in prison. On September 10, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I was just in the moment when I wrote to him in 2005. I guess I can say, we were reunited as friends. I could have hated him forever if I had not found forgiveness.


Captured front yard
I took a lot of Sunset Photo’s. But not anymore.

“I read your letter today, and I am as always astonished by your ability to communicate in writing.” him I always helped you because I always cared about you, still do, not physically, spiritually. You are my brother, and you understand the struggles of society. The ups and downs, roller coaster ride from hell and then Jesus Christ catch you as your falling off a four by four truck or something.

    You are in the fire, but you do not get burned. You accept your responsibility to help cross the bridge. In an inside realization with Our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. In Jesus Christ, we are set free from bondage, even if we are in bondage of sorts.

    You know I know the grief and turmoil of all of us, I have lived it. That pain is erased when the kingdom of God comes down and cleanses your heart, mind, and soul. All the cobwebs have been cleaned, and you can breathe again. September 10, 2005

West Coast Somewhere
My Son sent me this Photo

Holy Father return me to the path you have chosen. Lord Jesus open up everyone’s heart to understanding. Guide them through, with your presence, your touch. I am by myself in this. So I call your angels to pick up their wings and fly like the windy meadows. Like the roaring waves. Like the highest mountains and deepest ocean, to the furthest planet.

To The One Source that You Are.

    Hold firm the passion. In my writings, that are etched in my heart. Forgive me all my trespasses, iniquities, and my sins, forgive me for living outside of spiritual.

    Renew my spirit, “bring gladness to hearts for sure there is an end to pain.” Lord, I ask now that you recognize my writings in Spirit. So, Peace Will Be Granted to The Unities of Spirit. That is in Christ Jesus hands, spreading the word of truth, for the purification of Our Souls to all Mankind. “In the purity of Christ Jesus blood. Thank you, Father God my soul dwells in you.” 1/30/08 written

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