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So I am stuck with the I have to complete my part

    I am a bit unlearned, in your spiritual writing to the Lord. So I am stuck with the I have to finish my part, even though, I am unsure about your piece. You know how I am about you. It does not matter if I make a fool out of myself for you. It is for, The Lord and this is how, He made me come out to you, in prayer.

    I always wrote something interesting about the Spirit of God. Man to bad! You know it does not matter, because I am conversing, In Spirit with Our Dear Heavenly Father.

    So, I am, nor was I ever, alone. So, no regrets. It is nice to share it with you now. The only thing is I keep, keeping them. It is because they all have writings, and every time, I write to you, I feel now, I have to edit. That is why I have so many writings.

We are sharing an insight, into a gorgeous realization of, The One Hope in Christ We Are.

    I think my misspellings, and my punctuation, is insignificant, on the opening of the whole realm of existence. I can not pick at one part, I would lose myself, because there are, so many beautiful prayers. A little bit of different writing. Statements of truth, verses, prayers, poems, praises, thanks, understanding, knowledge, wisdom.

Sharing, a piece of the whole incredible trip

    From beyond the dead to life, In Christ, is so awesome, and each person has the opportunity to see for him or her, very own self. I have been procrastinating the inevitable. You know through all my years of prayer’s, Writings in Faith of, His Glorious Treasure of The Kingdom of Heaven Within.

I knew, to share with you. I was sharing with the World,

    Not through you, but because of you, and you were’ the only person, to do that, through Jesus. I am sorry for you having to deal with my inescapable pain, you were’ not the cause, and surely we had good times, but because the last three and a half years of our marriage, was awful. I chose to close that part of me, and give it to God. I can not do anything with it, pain, suffering, frustration, degraded, below the bottom, I mean.

I am a living, breathing, capable of a loving person,

    That is sharing, her relationship, with Our Father in Heaven, to The World. I can do that you know. It is mine to share. For the love of The Lord. I was looking for an answer that I did not find and that, well, I need to let you go. Now, what is my motive? When you fall hard, do the unthinkable, and your reward is in sharing. I am content, to be home, and take care of Richard, and my grandchildren.

    So if we end up on the street in a month, we won’t because we will be forced to get an apartment. I will lose all my trees; I planted all eighteen of them, where will I put my plants? Well, this is why drastic measures, under dramatic circumstances.

I have something to share and say, and Sweetheart, I said it.

    I really and honestly did it. I can not believe myself. No one on earth could have told me yea or nay, who would I listen. When I was ordered from Him, that sent me to open up your eyes, and “to turn them from darkness to the light and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among men which are sanctified by faith that is in me.” Jesus Christ Acts 26:17 or 18.

    Some people think I should have written about the daily trauma. But you know for what purpose, it is a big negative, and the book is, Positively, In Spirit, of His Ever Presence. How long has it been since I told you, I love you? November 13, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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