This time with The Grand Children is essential,

and R.H. cannot stay alone, at all.

This time with The Grand Children is important

I am not ready to go out in the heat. I need to regroup. Learn how to pray out loud. Well, not just in my mind, my heart on paper, by myself. I am talking prayer group, everyone prays out loud, and I can not. Can you imagine if I could pray out loud, the stuff I wrote, that would be cool? Influential in its respect.

    Even though the book did not sell. The prayers are out, and I shared. You were the most important one, in a way, it should have gone to you first. Did you ever read all of it, or did you skip around, because if you jumped around, you did not get the whole jest of it?

The truth is all I ever wanted.

    Thank you for always having a home, all the essentials, a car, Ins. Electric, gas, water, phone, cable when we did, the big house when it was ours. 88-95 I lived there. Anyway, thank you for not doing to me, what you did to her. I appreciate that.

    Sorry, you did not listen to logic even though it was in spurts. I did love you and losing you was one of the worst and best things that ever happened to me. Say what?

    You know if you read every word, then I am having a one-sided conversation with you. If you answered with more then you have given me; it would be the second conversation. I hope you are enjoying them, conversations in spirit. Innermost being, what we are thinking instead of talking.

    You were a hard worker, and you took good care of us once. Once all the garbage came in, and you know what rubbish I am talking about, for instance, if you do not know, rage, blame, jealousy, you know all the abominations of the negative, which brought us down to our ultimate demise.

    Why because Jesus Christ was tapped in. Living in the World, with all our life’s pain, living minute by minute. It feels so good to write to you, and talk, just for a few moments. Your mind from my heart. Personal in a positive way. Pass away a few moments in a place you can not leave.

…The Lord said if he stops seeing her and stays, you will forgive him. If he does not, then you are riding on the wings of, “IN PRESENCE OF SPIRIT.”  “You are mine.”

    The Lord said and boy I was, it was awesome, to be able to write from within to without and without to within. We are One In The Spirit, In Tune with The Holy One of Israel, in our hearts, minds, and soul. Who am I, to take your cleansing away. He is The One In Spirit that cleanses us. Tests us, passes you through the barrier, that has kept heart pain and suffering.

In the abstract from worldly,

To The Spirit, in Him, We are One In Spirit, One In The Lord. I loved the house, thank you. You know I did imagine a red ribbon around the house (massive). Even though you did not do it. It would have been until the end of time, and it was not us.

    Brake it down. I guess for an uneducated person and not wanting outward institutions (worldly,) but inside with the Lord, brought me, “In Presence of Spirit,” even though it did not sell, does not mean, it is not significant for the future of our existence.

I long to be In Spirit, with Our Dear Heavenly Father,

    In Tune with His Divine Presence, In One with The Holy Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Savior. It is protection in the one true sense. It is Life Eternal, in Him, with Him, in The Presence of Him. In the Spiritual Oneness with Christ Our Lord.

    I am left in the fire from sin to forgiveness, through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. Sparks are igniting! You can see it in these letters. Pardon, I forgive you, the husband of my youth, for our destruction. We lost each other’s wrong way of being. All the negative consumed us.  I take my part in our destruction and what caused it from start to end.

Love, I loved the real you.

    You, the husband of my youth, are going to get through this in the Lord’s hands you are. Even where you stand, sleep, read, walk, everything you do, you are in Jesus’ hands, He is guiding you In Spirit, Regenerating Our God-Given Rights.

    Life Eternal, Patience, Guidance, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom In The Spirit of His Ever Presence, of The Holy Spirit of Eternity, of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For knowing His strips are, Our Salvation through Him, In Him, Round About Him, He is in our existence, He is Real. He is Powerful, To Fulfill The Promises, that were’ past down from God the Father.

We are the generation to end the desolation of destruction.

    Through Christ, Salvation is at hand. For humanity to heal itself, through Jesus Christ Our Savior. To open the doorway, walk the bridge to the altar. Leaving yourself there, and coming out a new man through Jesus Christ. With the Truth. Spirit of Knowledge. Through, The Spirit of Christ. Isn’t this fun. I should edit (I did) but this is given to you to help you through the moments, In Spirit, with my Spirit and the Lord’s Spirit.

    I am being guided to a broader range of my consciousness, now that I have reaffirmed my connection with Jesus Christ. Take care of yourself. Lots of people love you, and the angels celebrated your return to the kingdom of heaven within.  4:00:36 AM August 26, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

Forgiveness! I needed to read these writings again, Thank you Lord for these times I am spending still, in “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” February 2, 2018, Amen  I am having so much fun. All my Writings together for the first time. I have Seventeen Grandchildren one in heaven. Oh Lord Help we all need help! WYG, January 20, 2019

© 2005 – 2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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