Every day is like an eternity. 

Behind the house, no flash, I like it
The Liberty of Our Eternal Existence is at hand

The loneliness is subsiding, that, there is God. Till death do us part, is as close, as one’s last breath, for with years, comes the inevitable end. The days have caught up; the time is at hand. Join Together, One and All, Your Parents, Your Grandparents, Your Children, Your Families, and Your Neighbors need You. God said, “No more suffering.” The pain remembered, oh so distant,  but right at the grasp of the mind’s eye, a lifetime, in one thought. 

Come out of the grave of the outer, and into the peace of the inner.

    Give it, To God through Jesus Christ. Think not of yourself, but give of yourself. My mind is clear of all obstructions. The cobwebs have been cleaned. The understanding, of the parables, is precise, not just for me, and you but, for everyone concerned. 

For if it is to be,

    To satisfy all the lusts imaginable, why are you still without, an empty void? Awesome, Yuk, the dung of existence, for if we are without, what must it be like, within? 

The Liberty of Our Eternal Existence is at hand.

    Clean your internal house, clear the cobwebs. Without, you are lost, with there is no separation, for within, comes contentment. 

    Withdraw inward, seek the peace within. The passion comes from long-suffering. Greed comes from the lusts of man. Where is the freedom? The World is contrite. Litigation, is in an explosion of catastrophes, daily. 

 Seek, and you will find. 

    Knock, and the door will be opened. Listen, and you will hear. Enter the inner chamber, and clear the misconceptions of existence. There is only one way, one way through the narrow hall, for verily, if we sway, the way can be, reversed. 

The Passion of Christ is Within.

    The Promises, are of, Christ Within. The Mysteries, of Christ, are, Within. The Lusts of The World, are Deteriorating Our Existence. Fight for, The Truth.

     The Truth Is In Us All. The search is final. Once found, stacked down, there is no other, The One, The Redeemer of Our Souls, is in your face. July 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I feel the need to share this again. Upfront and personal. This is my very first picture with my first cell phone without a flash. The Tree is my baby, I saved it from extinction, one root in dry soil. Yeah, I love it.

© 1996-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.