2005 writings is a summary

I Got To Love Him, In Presence of Spirit

of what I have done through forgiving the husband of my youth. It is a big deal because it was the first time, anyone had asked me, to pray, with him! What was funny, I had already started writing, before I received his letter. 

    So when he was asking, he was already provided for, “In Presence of Spirit.” Anyway, I was reading, “A Course in Miracles,” and it said, I need to pick the person, that has hurt me the most, and forgive them. Thus, the husband of my youth.

    Then all of a sudden, I wrote beautiful prayers, “In Presence of Spirit,” with him. Even though we have been apart, for ten years, Chris has no idea, the depth, of my forgiveness, and openness. For others to find forgiveness, in their hearts. For their millions of husbands, like him. I always knew he was not my forever and a day. He got to meet me in a whole different way, and I got to love him, “In Presence of Spirit.” July 2, 2013, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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