AUGUST 11, 2014

Lord forgive me for my trespasses and my debts. Well, I am almost, paid in full.

It Is For Your Purpose, That I Boldly Go, Where I Have Never Been Before

Joining You, “In Presence of Spirit,” has sparked the light of love, in the hearts, the writings, have touched.

It is for, Your Purpose, that I boldly go where I have never been before.

    I sure, did not, dream this up. It was written, while I was awake, in spirit. Right now, I would like, to be awakened, in the light of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    August 25, 2014, But I keep getting further and further. I have worked on these writings, so much that I am weary.  I am running on empty. I want to break down, and I can not.

So many beautiful writings. Am I missing, the point?

    I can not, and will not be embarrassed, of my writings. Except for the emphasis, on the husband of my youth. I want to take it out, but all the writings of 2005, have their purpose.  He is a tiny part, of the vastness, of the writings. The conversations, I am having with the Lord, are not just, to him. Through the letters, came the writings of, 2005.

    There is so much more, to all, of it. I am overwhelmed, with all of it. The three grown adults with eleven Grandchildren, one in heaven. Two on the way. Newest born August 22, 2014

Gees, I mean, where is, The Foundation for Adult Cerebral Palsy?

    The roof and ceiling are fixed now. Then the water heater went out, along with the ceiling, coming down in the restroom. I have two dead trees, big trees, one is laying down in the yard, and the other one has been dead over a year and is still standing. The live one blew over from the high winds. What if a hurricane comes?

    Sitting here, with no Insurance, on the house. (there was insurance on the house.) Because the Mortgage Company will not send the money, he got from the claim. Paid $5000 on the roof, and they are keeping, the rest of the money, for what? There is money to fix, these issues, and they are, procrastinating.

    To top all of it off, my teeth are hurting. And I am not going to Mexico, to fix them, no way. This month is the lowest, count month. I am stuck. I am not procrastinating, I am literally, stuck on what to do, with all of it.

It is at 271,096 since, December 13, 2013.

    If you look at it, from the vastness, of the Earth, it is a drop, in a bucket.  Organizations say, do not give up.  I have not, but nineteen years is nineteen years.

I am out here, in the heart and soul of the internet, and the site needs verification.

From all the search engines. I did not get, any physical help, on this project. It is all me, and I am tired. Tired of not knowing why? Not even an Amen! Hello! Good Bye! Wendy Yvette Greenwell Not forever. Just for a time. August 11, 25, 2014

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