I am sending this to you with love.

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Choose to keep it, or give it to Jesus.

    You will be understanding of the gift, I give to you, for all to find the Christ within. I love you in Christ who has brought us where we are supposed to do the most healing.

This time together with Our Lord and Savior

who has healed the pain of not understanding. Choose to keep it, or give it to Jesus. The Holy Spirit, will be there every inch of the way. Even though you lost the way in the fog.

You will be surprised at what I am giving you.

    A part of a journey from darkness to the light. In the Light of Jesus Christ World Awakening. In Heaven, it can be reached, “ask and it shall be given.”

    We will overcome every obstacle. To give back a piece of my book like I said I would. What better place to place, “In Presence of Spirit.” People, peace through their awakening and they can breathe again.

    Regenerate, The Light of Jesus Christ in every soul in The World. It can be done in the twinkling of my weak eye. Thank you for asking for prayer with me. I was living on the outside of myself, and not being able to tap into, The Holy Spirit.

    I lost my way, and I got drained, again. Or just the experience years of the same ole. 2005 Wendy Yvette Greenwell February 21, 2018, Ultimately I am sending this for the first time to him. That is forgiveness to a significant degree. Wendy

© 2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.