Treasure House.

Bring Yourself into the I am me and paint your picture

Clear your mind. Let it settle. Relax and look at a blank sheet of paper. Preferably lavender paper. Bring Yourself into the I am me and paint your picture.

    Wendy, you are in the I Am of me, which makes us, One In The Spirit, One In The Lord which makes The Union of Everyone, here and there and everywhere, One with The Eternal Presence of Our Father, who is in heaven and on earth. That deserves a high five.

    Thank You, Universal Beings of Light and Love. Thank You for sending me out to other Authors of insight.  Now I can see a whole different perspective.

My Universal Connection

With The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and the awakening of my Soul, on April 30, 1995. It has been a unique journey. From the ignition switch, the little light-lets, that sparkled in the core of my heart. I felt them when I accepted, The Lord with all my heart and soul.

    I think that is why the writings read in the present tense. I am having conversations with the Lord. Right here, right now. And every time it is read by anyone, including me, it is, “In The Spirit.” Where the Lord and I meet and have Our One on One Conversations with The World. In actuality, it is done even though few have found them.

I have not been able to get on the Computer.

    I needed a break. And my plants required some tender love and care. I have neglected the yard. Because the little German Shepard is a seven-month-old now, her bark is loud, and she is big. She jumped on me made my wrist bleed, and scratched my back. I figured out; she does not like water so that I would bring water in a container. She would move away from me. I have been out here for a week, and now, she does not jump on me anymore. I feel bad though because my Minnie Pinscher cannot be in the backyard anymore.

To get back to the blank sheet of paper.

    The Angels say We are, All, “I Am that I Am,” and no one can take that away. Ever! So with God the Father of All Creation. We are All, One in the Spirit, One in the Universe, One in the World, One in the Lord. We have come together for, “A Holy Congregation of Universal Knowledge,” given in the stages to fulfillment. God’s will is done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Holy Father, Thank You for the Presence in Spirit.

    Open everyone’s heart to understanding, Your Calling, To Mankind. To wake up, and “Come Into the Light of the Ultimate Universal Gathering.” An Awakening of Heart, Mind, and Soul. Through the ultimate plight to the light, that envelops once you let go, and let God, clear the airwaves, in Light and Truth.

Glory Be To God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

    Now is the time for World Revival through the Blood of Jesus Christ. We are here for one supreme purpose, to help our brothers, and sisters come into, their internal inheritance. Which is ask in Jesus Christ’s name and you will receive. I received the greatest gift of all, “In Presence of Spirit.” I am sharing it with anyone. The Websites are getting a few views. I cannot force myself to work on it.

    I took the Subscriber’s off. I do not know how to check e-mails, and I am not selling anything, so what is the use. I have a YouTube Channel, I could create and share there, but I do not know how to do that. No one to help me. So I am asking in Your name Lord Jesus Christ and All the Archangels, All the Legions of Angels, All the Guardian Angels, All the Saints, All the World, All the things are seen and unseen, to come into The Light of The Gathering of One Heart, One Soul, One Universal Cause. For Your Purpose Lord is Ever Present in, “Your One True Love.” Wendy July 13, 2016

    I tried the indention’s, and I am not going to stress over the thousands of paragraphs, I did not indent. This writing is different. It is another beginning. That I was ready for. I am seeing other people’s conversations in Spirit, and positivism is so loving and leaves no one out. That it is good works, that I am so happy I found. I have been narrow-minded, but productive, I just lost my way, and did not know that there is so much more to life, and I surely want to find it, and share it, To The World. Something I always wanted to do. Because my writings did not fall out of the sky.

    I studied and I found, The Kingdom Within, and The Lord, in return opened my heart to understanding, The Universal Love. I am all ready to Publish, but it is so different, to my years of previous writings, that I am procrastinating the inevitable. Wendy Yvette Greenwell July 16, 2016, Okay I am going to Publish it. July 17, 2016

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