I made it through a critical year

I had fun taking night photos in the rain
Lord help me guide me

    And I have the future outcome on paper, see for yourself, the soul reveals the truth of ancient prophecies. I have not given up the vision for the transitional year. Although the seeds were’ planted then, they will flourish when it is the proper time. God’s Time.

    The situation was entirely out of control. I went through the system. When The Police asked me to take in a fourteen-year-old friend of my daughter’s home with us, I did until my end. She attacked her Mom violently several times that is why the Police were involved. She was murdered eight months later.

The system could not break the barrier between one’s rage of life’s collisions and peace.

    Our children are affected by us, with all our afflictions taken over our souls, the degeneration is destined to utter destruction. Which is continuing in all children, it is getting worse, not better. The answers lie within. We have to bring this World to peace, all the pains, all the misconceptions of existence can be eradicated through the love and passion of Jesus Christ from God. God through Jesus Christ to and through us.

    My children are suffering, The three and a half years before I left was the deterioration of a cycle of degeneration that has affected the balance of our real existence. It is time for the balance of God’s Omnipresent Spirit to take over the whole and bring peace within to all. January 1997

February 24, 2018, Today is “Thoughts,” “Faith and Cause.” 22nd Anniversary

    I will say, four days after I got my maiden name back. I gave it all to the Lord. Although of course, I mourned between sessions, “In Presence of Spirit,” I had a lot of sheathing to do. The good thing is I do not have to do that again. I am twenty-two years from that, all year.

    I am sharing my recovery with you and me at the same time. I wanted to share every writing. I lost some but I cannot fret about it, it would have made me sick, I gave it all to the Lord. Knowing He is going to take care of all of it. He has, he surely has because I am going to continue Publishing “In Presence” These writings are meant to be right here, right now in the here and now of yesterday’s tomorrow.

Wisdom acquired

    I completed two months of experience in which knowledge was gained, masked by darkness a clearing of the wants and understanding of the needs. July 1997

Lord help me,

    Guide me light the light of your tender touch in me, ignite it with your Eternal Presence. I am lost without You, and I can not lose You again. August 20, 1997

    Too much work ha. In each writing, write all vocabulary, and Thesaurus of words used from the Bible in the heavenly state that they are made. No too much work. Omnipresent inform past, present, future to those that can understand the writings in the pages of,  “In Presence of Spirit.” October 17, 1997

Your well being and others that are suffering,

    The same things are under unfortunate circumstances that have been past down, generation to generation. I have another court date October 28, 1997, for Child Support, just a few short days away. I will probably be there by myself, for it, but you know who cares.

    I have nothing still, just something else to be laughed at. I can live with that for a short time, more, and then, you will be benefited, compensated and have your cake and eat them too, in the future. Yes!

    He served my Dad my papers for Child Support, my Dad told me. I did not have to go, but I did. They charged me Child Support, then he turned around and gave me my children back January 18, 1998, two and a half months later.

    It took me having to come back here to take him to Court. October 1999, I got full custody, My 3000 income tax return. That he said was his, ha, I proved him wrong. CS took it off of me, and put it on him. Their little game cost them more. Hello!

    Then he got behind real fast, several years, so we went to the same Judge, he gave him 18 days in jail if he did not comply, he was going to give him 15 months. That is when he got in trouble.

    Then while he was in prison 2005, I said I would take it off. He did not deserve it, but he was not in jail for Child Support. 2008 I did, take it off of him. Did not tell his wife until 2010. A promise is a promise, even though he did not deserve it, and he broke every promise he ever made to me. When he came over yesterday, I did tell him my million cents of the whole situation, in a few short minutes. Wendy Yvette Greenwell As is, is, as is.

© 1997-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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