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I started writing 2005 letter writings on August 20-21, The night I had my first Narrow-Angle Glaucoma Attack.


I am sending this to you with love.

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Choose to keep it, or give it to Jesus.

    You will be understanding of the gift, I give to you in prison, for all to find the Christ within. I love you babe in Christ who has brought us where we are supposed to do the most healing.

This time together with Our Lord and Savior

who has healed the pain of not understanding. Choose to keep it, or give it to Jesus. The Holy Spirit, will be there every inch of the way. Even though you lost the way in the fog.

You will be surprised at what I am giving you.

    A part of a journey from darkness to the light. In the Light of Jesus Christ World Awakening. In Heaven, it can be reached, “ask and it shall be given.”

    We will overcome every obstacle. To give back a piece of my book like I said I would. What better place, to place, “In Presence of Spirit.” People, peace through their awakening, and then, they can breathe again.

    Regenerate, The Light of Jesus Christ in every soul in The World. It can be done in the twinkling of my weak eye. Oh Christopher, Thank you for asking for prayer with me. I was living on the outside of myself, and not being able to tap into, The Holy Spirit.

    I lost my way, and I got drained, again. Or just the experience years of the same ole. 2005 Wendy Yvette Greenwell February 21, 2018, Ultimately I am sending this for the first time to him. That is forgiveness to a significant degree. Wendy

© 2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


To the dear husband of my youth always and forever,

My Twin Norfolk Island Pines. Not here anymore
Your acknowledgment of the arrival of a very important mission.

    I can not wait, until I put it in complete order, even though we are apart. I received all eight letters; I sent you back and one missing — the second time around fourteen letters sent to you and thirteen letters back. I have to help you understand; I have been writing since you asked me for prayer.

I have forty writings just from August 05′.

    I have been working hard on the writings. I have completed four hundred fifty-three writings, in nine weeks, that includes one hundred forty-four from the book (writings) My Book, “In Presence of Spirit.” It is incredible, the rest of the writings, I knew I had. They are vast in awesomeness. I mean each one, is its unique writing, of its own, for me anyway.

The writings are soothing,

    Even though my world is in turmoil, upside down. Christ stands, and the Presence of Spirit is felt in, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”

Yes, you blessed me with the rest of my incredible trip

    From beyond the dead to life in Christ. I am sorry I missed you, my bull’s eyes missed you fourteen times. Man, and you never received letters as I have for you. No, the letters did not find or follow you, they came back to mama. So, we are one in the spirit; we are one in the Lord. Praise God for His, Laws, Statuettes, Judgement, Lamentations, Supplications, in Pure Love for the Love of God is upon us.

Please do not think that I ever stopped caring about you.

    I could have been a thorn, but I was not. Excuse my writing, I feel yuk, and I have written so much, thousands of words, I mean if “In Presence of Spirit,” the book has one hundred and forty-four writings. To date, I have four hundred fifty-three. Three hundred and nine writings, I have edited, re-wrote, and made handwritten copies of some for you that I sent, and they returned.

You know, I can not wait, till I put it in order, of days, weeks, months, years.

    Ten years plus, of writings from my heart to yours and everyone in the World’s heart. I can not believe it is the middle of October. Time flies. I thought you already knew everything, now to find out, I have not been with you, and your acknowledgment of arrival of a very important mission. I have been on since and before our demise. October 17, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


You will find non-fiction testimonies of Jesus Christ,

Partial Sphere and tube of light with a flash
In The Kingdom of Heaven Within, The Whole Panoramic Universe.

They will have similarities of exactly, what you are going through.

You know me now in spirit, or you are learning of me.

    I am not a failure, and neither are you. Jesus worked with me, as with everyone who asks, but personally me; all these writings are work with Jesus, no one else. Only Jesus gave me the go-ahead. Five hundred twenty writings, and seven more to edit. Wow! Awesome! It has to be meant to be.

You can most, always tell, when it is Spirit Guided,

and when it is the person, with his and or her, free will. As with me, and my writings. Too much information for little ole’ me, by myself, now I Am, “In Presence of Spirit,”  in its entirety. Thank You, Jesus.

Awe, I hope you can fully realize your special place,

In the Kingdom of Heaven Within, the Whole Panoramic Universe. You are not alone, in your spiritual quest. You are among, “The Spiritual Awakening of The Twenty-First Century.” I, on the other hand, have spent a decade with the Lord by myself in the writings, with verification four years and eight months. That is when R.H. came in.

Still, my writings, are all from my own experience,

and this is the first time. I have had a spiritual partner, and for it to be you, the husband of my youth, it is so exciting, because I am with you, even though we have been apart ten years.

You are not alone.

    You are not crazy to have conversations with the Lord. He loves our communication with Him; this is my Church. The Kingdom of Heaven Within, and it is for each one, to find. The Christ Our Lord, Is In Our Ever Presence.

    I hope and pray this letter finds you in good spirit’s. Jesus Christ has all the answers. The Holy Spirit will teach you and accompany you in every stage of your experience. Sometimes you think you are alone, but you are not. December 22, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Wow, Jesus, the last day of the year.

Bright Rain Drop
Wow, Jesus, the last day of the year.

    I missed my tenth anniversary, December 29, 1995, my departure. All our writings since January 1996, to all the next 365 days, is The Writings, Decade Anniversaries.

Thank You, Jesus, for: “In Presence of Spirit,”

I have opted, to put all that is edited, so it is longer, and it states in some cases, what I was going through, not much of that Jesus because I wrote to You for the answers.

I wrote You the Praises, the Feelings, I never had in the flesh of my existence.

    The words I never used, the vocabulary, I never had, the passion that was hiding, until You Sparked the Light, of my eye. Jesus Christ, I Need You, desperately to show me, what You want me to do. My Family, actually think, I am crazy. They do not understand anything, that, You have given me.

    Nine envelops with twenty-eight letters, and twenty-eight writings, I sent to him. Where are they? With him, or on there way back to me? One year he has been in jail. Oh Lord, help him in his ever presence. Teach him every second.

Clean the cobwebs of misconception.

     I have no energy after they fight, and put me in the middle of it, then take anyway. I do not want fifteen minutes of fame. This is for Your Glory. Your Love Throughout All Generations. Your Passion For Cause, Salvation Through You, Is The Solution. We can, and will overcome. I need to complete my book for you, through you. December 31, 2005, Happy New Year ‎input 6/‎22/‎2013 11:16:45 PM

I have no words weird.

    Well, 2005, was an experience. To this second, he has not read any of it. He knows about it. He needed prayer. I am not going to put his letters in here, because they are personally to our children, who are now 31, 29, 27. And as for the letters he wrote to me, they were useful for the time. This weblog is not about him. They are to him, because still after eighteen years now, he is the only one who asked me to pray with him.

    I am not writing; it has been some time, I miss writing. I have a few that will probably find there way on my other weblog, since 2011, when I started, sharing my writings.

    On the other hand, I still have quite a few to share. I will not run out anytime soon, just with this one. I am going to go through my papers and see if I left anything out of 2005 writings because sixty-four writings do not sound right. So when I find them, I will put them in. Thank you for reading my writings that are intended to share. God Bless the World, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 10/4/2013

March 2, 2016:

    It has been a voyage going down memory lane with me, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” I always knew, I would share them, even though or “if” he has not read them. It does not matter to me because I know someone read them, and maybe they are finding forgiveness in their hearts, and that is, all that matters.

     When it was online without protection: HTTPS: The writings had 45,848 starting January 18, 2016. Last night the had 17,888 views, since the transfer, bringing the total to 63,736 views, since I started.

    I am counting all views for myself. Sharing it, for those who might want to know. Thank You for viewing my, Thank you for viewing, The writings, of “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit” 2005, on They are home now. January 30, 2019, Wendy

©2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


My book, “In Presence of Spirit,”

and the writings of,  “In Presence of Spirit In Conversations with the Lord.”

My favorite plant
Lord Jesus my Savior of Eternities Souls.

    Has inside its pages, writings, prayers, poems, songs, praises, supplications, lamentations, conversations with the Lord, it is identifying transition, clarity, understanding, patience, guidance, knowledge, wisdom, fortitude, love, joy, happiness, forgiveness, encouragement, gratitude, serenity, light, awakening.

Salvation through Christ granted.

    Deliverance from sin. The cleaning process attained. Writings from the depths of my soul. To you, who are still in darkness. Come to the light of Christ Jesus Our Savior and Lord. He has called.

    Come home to the inner chamber of your soul, and accept His Gift of Complete Salvation, Baptism, Deliverance, Internal Purification, is the only way you can be free in Christ Jesus, Love of World Healing.

“Go into thy inner chamber, there ye shall knock and the door shall be opened.”

    Leave all your worries, pains, and anxieties, at the step of the altar, leave them there in Christ Jesus, stead. “Here my gracious Lord Jesus Christ, I give you my six grandchildren, and my three young adult children, parents.

    I place the Worlds babies that are with you, Lord. Bring back our babies, our families, bring love, and understanding and the real freedom that is through You, Lord Jesus, our only reason for breathing still.

Lord Jesus my Savior of Eternities Souls.

    Take my life, my love, and bring it all together, in the writings, Your Salvation Blessed me. You made my inner being alive through You, and I am, and I will always be eternally grateful.

    What I have shared, is not just a piece of heaven, it is heavens essence, from You, My Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. In Your Hands, I place our voyage from beyond the dead to life in Christ, in Your Ever Presence, because Your Ever Presence is Ever Present, in all Our Writings.

Thank You, Jesus, for keeping me steadfast,

    Even though I thought I was not writing, I was. Lord Jesus, my death in the flesh was a voyage of a negative approach which is human, seeking to find peace within, and not understanding, the spirituality of our existence.

Only by You can we be free, to receive the forgiveness of sins.

    Our real existence, which is in reach for each one of us to come home to Our Christ Jesus, within our beings, “to bring gladness to hearts for sure there is an end to the pain.” I implore you Gentiles and every person, religion, non-religion, everything that has been taught.

    Jesus speaks through me, and I have been given the Kickoff, we are in action. November 30, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell Generally the writings are as is: I am not bold like I used to be. But I feel, I must still Publish. So that you know, I am stressed to the max. I need You, Jesus Christ! I know I am bold, in the writings. I had to Publish as is.

©2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell