Help me, Jesus, in Your, “Sweet Mercies.”

I Believe It Is A Meant To Be Shared

Bring gladness to hearts, for sure there is an end, to the pain — the void, without You. With You, Jesus, even in the midst of the battle. You have saved me, millions of times. I realize, every minute, is a miracle, from You, Lord Jesus.

    So many are suffering, people are hurting; they are lost. I need help, to help them, find You sooner, than later. The years are up. I have taken my stand. But what? I am in desperate need of restoration, in body, heart, mind, and soul.

I need, “The Universal Mind of You Jesus.” 

    To bring about, massive change in my circumstances, and advance, into The Publication, of Our Book, Our Writings. It has never been, an empty statement.

 It has not been, read, it is ready, to be found.

    The complete book will follow. No response, as of yet. Soon I believe, soon. I started the action, to modify the reaction. In the most basic form, of communication, the way I know-how.

    “Show Them The Way,” is significant, to millions of women and children, who will decide, to have their babies. Make room for Our Babies, To Come Home, To Their Families and, Breathe The Air of Life. Not the forever of death.  Death in the flesh, of each one, existence.

 Oh Lord let the words of, “Show Them The Way,”

    Touch the hearts, and minds, of the ones, that need to know, now! Not, another second later. Lord bring about the solution to these young and older, alike. So, they will make life ever after choice. Not death and destruction.
    Bring Our Babies Back, Jesus. Bring Your Healing Waters of Life Eternal, In You, With You, Through You, Round About, The Glory of You and Your Ever Presence.
Open Up The Gates of Heaven, and Rain Down Miracles,
    Every Conception, In The World. Bring Mothers and Fathers, Together, In Peace, Harmony, Love, Understanding, Compassion. Be Friends, not enemies.
 Join Together In Embracing The New Day,

    The New Year, The New Admission. I can not, but You can, through, The Unveiling of Our, “In Presence of Spirit.” The Inspiration, Is From and Through You, Lord. I would not Publish Gibberish.

    “I believe it is meant to be written.” Especially, the unraveling, of my true heart pain, and anguish. Put in words, in such detail, that I could not sit, in the shadow anymore. I had to put it, in Washington DC, I sent it, and no response from “Show Them The Way.” December 24, 2009, To The Washington Post. “Sweet Mercies” written January 10, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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