Thank You, Jesus, for this day.

Guide and Direct Everyone in Your Way

    Guide and direct everyone in your way. In Your Majestic name, I do pray. Jesus Christ My Lord and Savior, bring down Your Love

    Open up the door to understanding again.‎ Bring knowledge to the forefront of our being. Bring wisdom to accept the powers that be. Bring life to the hopeless. Bring healing waters to flush out the disease of contempt.

    Bring your words of scripture to the Multitudes. Bring life to the living. Bring healing to the sick. Bring guidance to the assurance of your walk with us, to guide and accept the testimonies.

    Bring life to the bones that have been without a face. Jesus Christ comes to me a sinner of no reputable cause, a lazy, unlearned, uneducated, unfeeling, denounced in any workmanship. Jesus help me to come where you want me to be. I Love You, Jesus Christ. Bring down Your Holy Spirit. I so long want to be close to you again. I Love You, Jesus Christ. 2005 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.