Wow! The first whole day, off the blog.

Maybe Hawaii My Brother
The First Day Off My Blog of Many Writings

My blog of many writings. Well, now it is drafted. I had to, my eyes, are bothering me, and it just needs, to be in the draft. 17,000 views.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, who takes away the sins, of the World.

Have mercy, on all of us. I needed a rest, Lord. My eyes are hurting. I am not used to an 18 1/2 inch screen. I am listening to YouTube, the first time, I get to enjoy, all the songs, I love. I am missing a bunch, but maybe they will pop up.


“There will be a day,” Jeremy Camp.

    I have been listening to him for years. When I used to listen to him, on the radio, a couple of times a day, I would get so excited. And now I get to hear him, over and over again.

Oh Lord, I want everything, You and I wrote, Through Your Ever Presence, in, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

    I am on a respite. I need energy, lose weight, pray, write, write what?  I love you Jeremy Camp in the spiritual sense, just like I love everyone, one in the spirit, one in the Lord,  all for one and one for all. Oh Lord thank you for the music, awe. I am tired, Lord. I need help.        
Lord, what do you want?  What do I want?

    We will overcome by the blood of Jesus. I need help. I have many needs, they are not so much wants in demand, but I am bored, and I am stuck, and I am not as bold, as I used to be.    

I mean, I am stuck, where I need to be, but I am tired.

    Show me the way, Lord. Show them the way. Show all of them, the way to the kingdom of heaven within. Oh Lord help from henceforth to forever and that day. January 6, 2013, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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