In Jesus Christ Name:

Across the oceans
You, Jesus Christ, Are The Only, “One True Love”

Peace In The Multitude of, Everyone’s Heart. From the Christ Spirit, within us all.  All it needs is the activation. You become inwardly purified, piece by piece until you are whole, in the blood of Jesus Christ, Resurrection to Life Eternal. In Him, through Him, with Him. In the Presence of His Spirit. He left for us, to find.

     He is The Life and Light of Our Hearts. Lord Jesus, You are the beginning of me, the present of me, and the presence you share with me, I share, To The World. From You, through me.

    You, Jesus Christ, are, The Only, “One True Love,” that means everything to me.  And to every one of my brother’s, and sisters. From a time has gone by, now and into, Eternity.

    You are, The One True Love. Out of You, came, The Forgiveness of Sins. The Resurrection to Life, Eternal, With You. In One Heart. One Mind, The Purification of Everyone’s Soul.

    To the lost, by now you are not lost anymore. I pray that for you. Every one of you that ever was, that is, and whoever, will be. Until the end of eternity, but eternity is never-ending.

    When We All Join Together, In One Heart, One Mind, One Love, We Are All Home In, The Kingdom of Heaven Within. We are not without, His Presence of Spirit, anymore. Amen.
    Lord Jesus Christ, the ruler of my hearts quest, since the day I began, this was, is, and will ever be, written on my heart.

    Thank You, My Lord and Savior, for, The Presence of Your Holy Spirit, In Your Authorship, through me. A Witness, A Testimony of Length. “A Song, A Praise, A Verse, A Prayer, A Poem.” In The Presence of You, Father God, Father Son, Father of The Holy Spirit. Which covers this manuscript, with the means, to bring gladness and understanding, that you will receive, once you let go of self will, will be, the acceptance, of the truth, of our existence. August 23, 2010

© 2010-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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