Dear Jesus Christ,

Night Photo with a flash in the drizzle
Open the door for the unveiling of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Thank you for the times, times and a half. I needed the stars to collide, and they did, the husband of my youth asked Wendy for prayer, to pray with him.

The only way I could pray

Is to give him a piece of, “In Presence of Spirit’s, inspiration, and I have. I am immeasurably satisfied with what God has planned for the People.

I am justified by faith that is in Jesus Christ.

    I do not have to miss you anymore. I am with you, the essential task of our lives has opened the door for the unveiling of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

It is all because I followed through with everything the Lord sent me to do.

    Now I am home, with my job, grandchildren three now, and R.H. I am not worried about money anymore. There is a planned, detailed, organized for the most part. It is just not complete in which, I was not satisfied, so the rest is to be shared, or I put them in a whole book? Not fragments.

I share it with you, with one heart to heal.

    Oh, Jesus, this has been so exciting, to work on the rest of the writings finally, and share them. That feels good, to be able to share, entirely with him. Thank you for putting us together, even though in outside terms, we are not, Spirit is closer.

You can tap into the Christ within.

    The prayers, the writings, the vocabulary, the poems, the verses, and the love comes from You Lord. You lit up my heart and brought healing, and for that, I am immensely blessed.

    Thank you, Jesus Christ, for loving me, teaching me, writing with me, in, “In Presence of Spirit.” You know Jesus that we have praised You through the love of the billions of people, who believe: You are Our Savior, and Lord Christ Jesus, from God with Love. Please help me be organized, and when the time comes, we need to make this house handicapped accessible and childproof. August 25, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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