I started working on the manuscript on Notepad,

Green thing
We will see, we will see, what tomorrow is going to bring.

    Can you imagine it? I started the first part in March 1996. Then I decided I wanted to work on “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.”

    I cannot work on it like I used to. I am not ready to activate Social Media. I tried, but I have deactivated and deleted my Pinterest. I can go to Go-daddy and sign in with my Facebook account, but now I am okay behind the scenes. Besides they send me messages to buy my server, my resources are not unlimited.

The possibilities are endless

    But I choose to follow through without the get it, of it all. We will see, what tomorrow is going to bring. You need some tender love and care. You cannot do the same ole anymore. You need to open up and let the light of love come in and help the cause from the effect. Yes, I said it. I am down, and I have to pick myself up and do the work to get me where I need to be in action, not distraction.

    I got to climb out of this hole. Need to be alive in Spirit. I want to feel the excitement and dynamics of what I have honestly done, Sharing my “In Presence of Spirit,” and hundreds of the extensions.

Shallow Breathing! Nothing in my brain!

    Thoughts, episodes in floating thoughts that have not entirely healed. Coming out of a flat-lined state, not able to go forward with all that has been left for me to share. I do not know in the physical who to ask for help! That means I have been lost in my past sins, and my children’s choices, no forgiveness angry with myself.

Thoughts February 24, 1996 “Thoughts flowing with nowhere to hide, for all is gone, and you are thee who lights. The light of thine heart, soul, breath, and mind is exalted from the world ’roundabout.

    For it, thy will be done. For the strength I have is from thee. The knowledge I have received through my tribulation is wisdom, and it has given me the courage and faith that belongs to Our Father in heaven.

    For it is our Father in heaven who walked with and protected me through the threshold of death and showed me life. I have taken my cross and borne it for many. I was buried and awakened in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I have been delivered of my trespasses and iniquity. I have no liens on one thing, not even my children.”

This was written four days after my Divorce.

    I am finding my way back into the Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. I have been stagnant, not knowing which way to go. Upside, downside, inside, outside, roundabout. I long to have the passion of these my conversations with The Lord. Shared but not found. It is okay their time will come.

I am waiting, for the right time.

    I do not feel right. I need reconstruction. Do not need to evaluate, out with the old in with the new. Each writing is new to anyone who reads them. I love working with them or excuse me used to work on them. It is because I have shared it.

    I have not activated any resources to elevate resources and income. It is my right, and I do not know how to ask for abundance. As for users/subscribers, most try and get in my admin. Their usernames and mail .com’s do not look right to me. To me, you want to read them they are here. I am out here by myself. No need to activate Social Media because I can not do any more than I have done and the little that I am doing is not enough. My eyes needed a rest.

These writings I wrote were’ my therapy, my times, “In Presence of Spirit,”

Were’ just what I needed, to get through, my times of having conversations with the Lord. In Spirit, not without. It was not an easy ride. It has almost been a year in July that I finally admitted, to not marrying my one true love. To his face. He asked, and I answered. After that, we have talked a few times. I mean, please. I finally texted him and told him he has no reason to come here again. I missed him some. But for all the reasons that be, when the Judge said we are severed, we were’. A lie cannot last forever. It was his lie.

    It is thirty-six years on the 30th of May the first, and last time I will ever get married. I did not re-hash. The way I see it the whole marriage was a lie from day one. Played the part from hell into His Heaven, I had a price to pay, and I paid dearly. May 21, 2017, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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