In Jesus Christ name:

Seems Like Yesterday

It seems like yesterday when I started writing, with You.

All the letters, writings, poems, prayers,

awesome, quotes from, Your Holy Spirit, through me. I have spent many hours, working on the whole book. Because I did it all over again, without the book, as a guide, because it was not, it was, what I had ready, at the time. The Publishing Company knew it was not finished. I needed credentials, anyway.

When I found out, I had, well over nine years, of writing.

    It was awesome. Working on the hundreds of pages, the years, were’ vast. It was like, I was on, an assembly line, with one person. The writing was incredible, not I, by myself. It is, The Holy Spirit, in me.

I understand by sharing, you get more in return.

    You get to know, that my work, through You, has sparked the light, of You, in others, and that my witnessing, has witnessed, the testimony, that I have. Through my, “incredible adventure.”

From beyond the dead, to life in Christ.

Even in my confusion, my weaknesses, and my not having the authorization, from any human, accept myself, to complete, “Our Walk Together.”

People, give understanding, to fiction.

The escape from reality, for a bit. I am not trying, to prove my Authorship, for it is only mine, with and through, The Holy Spirit of You. Nothing can be taken, away from it.  It is, My Testimony, For The Purpose of Fulfillment. July 11, 2006, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2006-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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