Blessings even with outside interference.  

Only Through You Can One Meet Peace

We get it, for as long as, God’s blessings seed. Love is not blind, it knows it all, from without to within, the gates of heaven.  

Thank You, Lord, for all Your gifts.

Yours are, Most Precious, Your Peace, Your Charm, Your Passion, Your Guidance, Your Love, Your Understanding, Your Desire, Your Holiness, through the ages. You are Complete, To A Oneness of Truth, That The World, Can Meet.

Only through You, can One Meet Peace,

through The Veil of Heaven on Earth. From God, through Jesus, To The World. Yes, We Can. Thank You, Lord. 

Echo in my mind’s eye,

remembrance of, what once was, does not matter, in the realm. Let go of the pain and give it, “In A Oneness of Truth, To The One Truth, On High.” The only relief can start the cycle, to the purification, of one’s heart and soul.

Only through Jesus, can this be obtained, and ultimately maintained.

    To the oneness of Truth, that is in each and everyone, of us. “Father the hour has come. Glorify thy Son so that thy Son also may glorify thee” John 17  “Jesus Prayer To God.”

Pages shuffled around,

with meaning, for everyone, to come, To Father God, in heart soul, realization. Help from henceforth and forever. Without a doubt, to the promises, that were past down. It is going to be 2000, soon. “Oh, My God.” December 17, 1999, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©1999-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.