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At my Dad's pier, beautiful.
I Am Going To Input, The Rest of My Writings

going through my stack, of scriptures, vocabulary, excerpts, and the left over’s, I wrote, PART 1 through 15 of: “You Are, and I Am In Presence of Spirit In Conversations with the Lord.”

    My oldest daughter called me, and she says Mom, she started reading to me, and it was so soothing. She finished, I said, “I wrote that,” she said; I know, I am reading your book. Awe man, “when are you going to send the books,”  I said, “as soon as I can.”

    Some books will go around or over, across the World, where they will be in the hands of soldiers. Wounded, hurt, pain, fed up. “Thoughts are flowing with nowhere to hide.” 96′

    I know my gift to you, is going to bless you, and yours. I know it is going to soothe you, in the depths of your, ever-presence. It is one with The Most Holy of Holy. One in Spirit, One in the Lord.

    Taking my part, in the guarantee, of my life’s work, in private, “In Presence of Spirit,” for me. While writing, it is “Universal Writing,” no one is left out. once again, All for One and One for All Time.

    All right here in the here and now of yesterday’s, tomorrow.”  I love this quote? I want to go back, and re-read all of it before I let it go. Once again, to the hearts, and the souls that need a lot of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Who’s going to take my book and read it for the first time. Indeed every time for me, is the first time, always and forever. My love and my life are in the writings.

    This means the World, is going to go through, a transition from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ, Ever Presence. Because The Lord’s Ever Presence, is Ever Present,  In My Conversations with the Lord, In Spirit.

     In tune, simultaneously. One on One Communication, In Spirit. Together, entwined in the oneness that is with and through Jesus Christ. Through, The Resurrection of Our Souls, One in Spirit, One in the Lord, “All for One and One for All.” February 4, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell,

    I did not send the books, but I have shared four hundred twenty-eight writings. Thank You, Jesus Christ, for Your Presence in Spirit, In, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with The Lord.”

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A Journey from darkness to the light.