JULY 18, 2015

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I Love You With One Heart To Heal

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    1,141,705 views Wow! Thank You, Jesus. “I Love You With A One Heart To Heal.” Knowledge, Show them the way, State of Being, Past Events, Deceit, In Presence of Spirit, Thoughts, Faith and Cause, To You, To You Again, Sweet Mercies, To Whom I May Concern, Universal Thing.

Wendy Yvette Greenwell born February 10, 1960

Twin February 11, 1960. I was born at 11:55 pm and she was born at 12:18 am Married: May 30, 1981 – Divorced: February 20, 1996, Three Children: Catherine, Christopher, Jennifer. Thirteen Grandchildren, one in heaven, Orlando, Christopher 111, Davin James, Michael, Brandon, Xavier, Jesus Evan, Katelyn, Jocelyn, Lilia, James Alexander, Isaiah, Reyden James. Wow, Lord, that is a lot of Grandchildren. (Christosantos four months old, and two more on the way.)

Oh Lord Help me Jesus in Your Sweet Mercies.

    Oh Lord, I have come this far with Our Conversations. They are crucial conversations with You Lord. I need to help my kids get their places. Help me figure out how to make money to pay the taxes on the house. Try to sale some of my books?

    Lord Jesus in Your Name, You have opened up the heavens. Rain down Your Precious Holy Spirit and Let Us take Our Stand. “In Presence of Spirit,” for Eternity’s Sake.

I Love You, Jesus.

    I Love You Father of All Mankind. Help Me Help others find Your Presence in Spirit in “In Presence of Spirit.

    “Glory be to God The Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit.” Help me Lord, pay the taxes on the house.

    Show me my will, Lord. I am darkened, bring the light of Love back in my heart. Hold me up and help me again, where I need to be. Spread Your Wings and fly out into, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Stop the lies, the hardships, the struggling.

    Let not the explosion take place. Rid the airwaves of the demonic plague. Bring gladness to hearts for sure there is an end to this terrible pain and suffering.

    Lord open the hearts of Mankind and Rain down The Blessings of Your Salvation. To the only truth, which is In You, From You Through You, Round About Your Presence in Spirit with everyone, who will one day, find my times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

We Need Your Help, Lord.

Bring Us All into The God Family of Your desire which makes it my desire. In the innermost part of my soul. To have reached beyond, to the absolute Truth, In One With The Holy Trinity. I Love You, Jesus. I am asking for a sponsor of sorts. Bring into The Light, what You want me to do with the rest of the writings.

    “I Love You Jesus with one heart to heal.” “Love with a one heart to heal.” “To You With Love Wendy” “In The Love of God the Father, God The Son and God The Holy Spirit, To You With A One Heart To Heal.” “Blessed To, “In Presence of Spirit.” “You are and I Am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” July 18, 2015, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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