Happy New Year:

One of my personal sunsets
My Purpose is Entwined In Spirit. In the oneness of truth

1. “Glaucoma Foundation:” The packet has essential information, everyone with glaucoma needs to know.

2. In the future put aside, and into a foundation for people of all deficient resources.

3. Dental, and Eyes and mammograms, and pap smears. Women over the age that they do not help, anymore. Like 42, NO MONEY, NO CHECK UP!

    4. This is a legacy to be fulfilled. I believe with all my mind, all my heart, and all my soul. Yeah, I have something, I wrote that needs to be read.

We will overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ.

    Lord bring down Your Comfort, In Spirit. Your Presence is United with My Presence, and Our Presence is in, The Writings of “In Presence of Spirit.com”

    Lord Jesus Christ, You are and will always be: The Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End. The Only Ruler of Our Souls. Bring down Your Holy Spirit. Guide and Direct, Every one of Us, to Your Power Calling. Hold Fast Your Love for All Generations.

    Guide Each One, To Your Presence, Lord. If I can, anyone can, Ha! Bless each and everyone with, “Your Touch of Spirit,” so the clearing, can activate, Your World Awakening.

    I Love You, Jesus Christ. Thank You for the writings, You Blessed Me to Write, and Communicate, Your Presence in Spirit. Thank You, Lord, Hugs, and Kisses. January 1, 2009

Go through papers one more time.

    Input any leftovers. Check, finish or start, 2000, 01, 02, 4, I started 2005, 6, 07, 08. The most significant part is over. Oh Lord, I need to go to the Doctor, and Church. Help In Your blood of Blessings, for Mankind to come in each inner chamber, to find You, in there, “kingdom of heaven within.”

    Jesus Christ in my heart, I know it is time, to end this, extended book, of ours. We have not been read yet. Can you imagine! It needed to be ready, and ripe to fall, where it may result in The Heart and Soul of Mankind, to put an end to the pain, and Peace to Our Souls. I know this, in my soul, to be true.

    I am not worthy. You made me worthy, to complete before my fifth decade of life. One year, and the big 50. 36 – 48, writing with the Lord. Awesome Conversations, I have had with The Lord, “In Presence of Spirit.”

     I never get tired of writing that. “In Presence of Spirit.” It has been exciting to be the mortal author of this, Authentic Presence in Spirit, with me. Broken from bondage, yet again, to prepare the way for the regeneration of our souls. “In Presence of The Holy Spirit.”

    I acknowledge this completion of my work of words, through the Spirit of Jesus Christ, to and through me. To anyone who wants to read. I have to remember you are at the end if you’re reading this. This year it will be Published, and it will be read, and understood. January 1, 2009

“Women’s Issue Together” “Safe Haven’s For The Transitional Year after the last fight.”

    “To prove the degeneration of our unities broken from bondage, to prepare the way, for the regeneration of our souls.” One can be recycled into the same cycle of abuse, in the emotional, spiritual, put down, and run down. It is hard to see, with the same routine, someone else’s.

    Well, I do not want to write about my problems. I have fifteen notebooks of my originals, and edited pieces. I put in a lot of hours of work. Every hour, I did work on it, it helped me through, the hard times.

My sanity. My Christ, My Lord.

    I am sharing them with you, “with one heart to heal.” In One with The Holy Spirit of Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. Blessed too, “In Presence of Spirit,” for Eternity.

    It is ironic how things, happenings, have unraveled. I am worried, but I have to give it all too, Jesus Christ, because it is only in His Hands, to make all this happen, bringing the negative to positive in every aspect of the reader’s understanding. Even mine, because I have been the only reader.  Yes, I have something to be read.

“My Purpose is Entwined In Spirit, In The Oneness of Truth,”

for everyone, not just myself, to experience. What does it mean? It means, everything to be, “In Presence of Spirit,” The Holy Spirit, He left to be our companion, through, and in eternity. This truly is the ending of this: “Wendy’s Conversations with the Lord.” I know you were “In Presence of Spirit,” because I am. God Bless Everyone in The World. Love with one heart to heal. Wendy January 1, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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In the name of Jesus, I do pray.

A Sunset, Sun peaking through the dark clouds, my favorite.
Lord protect everyone this day. Guide and direct their paths right back to You

Good Morning, Jesus, I am up! My eye exam, and glasses today. Thank you for the time with my plants. I have not been able to muster up the energy to start.

Lord protect everyone this day.

    Guide and direct their paths, right back to You. I rebuke you Satan out of our lives. Out of our homes, out of our neighbors, out of our brothers, and sisters.

Lord, You have given me so much in my life.

    My love, is in the writings, You shared with me. I Love You, Jesus Christ, with one heart to heal. Bless my children Lord Jesus, bless my grandchildren, bless my sister’s, and brother, my Daddy, Oh Lord please cure my family of ailments, my twin is hurt bad, (back.)

Thank You, Jesus, for getting me up, and helping me follow through with the tasks at hand.

    Thank You, Lord, for my friend Richard, the home, the plants, and trees. Thank You for the Medicare, Medicaid, prescription plan. Thank You so much for the years, that I did work outside of the home, it helped me get my credits.

I Love You, Jesus Christ.

    Thank You for the many blessings, You have blessed me with, all my grandchildren, every one of my writings. I Love You Jesus, Come Holy Spirit, let us write a masterpiece writing, soon. I am going to take a nap. The kids will be here in a while.

Isaiah 48:16

Come Ye near unto Me, hear ye this; I have not spoken in secret from the beginning; from the time that it was, there am I: and now the Lord God, and His Spirit, hath sent me. August 24, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Oh Lord, help me put, “In Presence of Spirit,” in order.

Another one of my personal Sunsets
Eradicate the evil enemy in our children Lord and ourselves

Help me with the teenager’s issues. Lord direct the teenagers, and me, help me do Your will. I am lost without You. Cleanse me from all my iniquities so that I can help my children, and myself. “Join the Unions of Spirit,” which sparks, “Your Majesty.”

    Please put a guardian angel or angels beside our children, every minute of every day. Help them come to You, for their energy, for the regenerating forces, which brought us, to this point.

Lord help, for all in this, “The Unveiling of Your Power Calling,”

from me, a dreadful sinner, cleansed through the blood of Jesus Christ, even though it does not look like it.

First of all things:

    God, Jesus Christ, first in all things. If you can not take care of it yourself, the only one that will do anything about it; is through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    You can take it back as many times, as you want. As soon as you put your entire burden in Christ’s hands, and accept the testimonies, the purification begins.

    Salvation, Baptism, Total Immersion, Deliverance, The Regeneration of Our Soul, to who ever can understand, grant total understanding, through the blood of Christ Jesus.

Children need You, Lord:

    Oh Lord, the children need You, desperately. Lord Bless Our Home with love, compassion, friendliness, guidance, understanding, strength, courage, wisdom, joy, knowledge, peace.

Help us take the sting, and negative out of the teenager’s life.

    Help me find the right words to speak. Through Your hands, we are blessed?

Lord help!

    Bless My Children and all Children, teenagers of the World. Thank You, Father God. Lord guide our teenagers fast out of the winding road. Grant the immunity for their sins, and let them be free from their sins, and let them be free from their Parents, bondage.

    Eradicate the evil enemy, in our children, Lord, and ourselves. In Christ Jesus blood, eradicate the evil enemy. Bring joy to our hearts. The simple way of life, through Christ Jesus Mercy, on our children’s, children’s, children, in the love of Christ. February 8, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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It is July 30, 2010.

Beautiful lightning Storm I caught a few good ones, and lot's of misses.
Everything about You Jesus is classified as Our, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    It is kind of weird, how the months flew by. It flows in the Spirit of the Lord. Without the Lord’s Presence, there is an unfulfilled void.

Still, even after all these years. I have not had that gut-wrenching pain.

    He took it away by the blood of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection to life eternal. In Him, with Him, through Him, in the Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit.

In One with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit of the Trinity,

    The only true love. For without His Presence, I would be agonizing over my life’s circumstance, my trials, and tribulations. July 30, 2010


    What are we going to do now Jesus? Wow to be, In the Presence of Your Spirit. Your love, throughout the generations of our lives, my life.  Thank You, Jesus Christ, for The Presence of Your Spirit with me, Wendy, in the writings since, “In Presence of Spirit,” was written, and named.

Everything about You, Jesus is classified as Our, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    You, Jesus Christ, are everywhere in my writings. Your Holy Spirit is felt, and heard. In each page, on each side. Every one of them is meant to be. I love writing with You In Spirit, Entwined In The Presence of Your Eternal Spirit. Thank You, Jesus, for being with me, “In Presence of Spirit.com” July 8, 2010

Thank You, Jesus, for all the blessings,

You have bestowed on me, in everything. We could have lost the house years ago, but You set it up, that at the last couple of days, You gave us a stay for sixty days and by the 30th day, the payment for three years of taxes came in, and now they cannot take the house and my trees.

    Thank You for the clothes, my comforter, the car, the air conditioner, the stove, the necessities that we have lived without because of my disability. Thank you for protecting my eyes. Oh Lord Thank You for, “In Presence of Spirit.com” July 31, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Oh Lord, we need You.

Backyard Sunset
We need a universal cleansing to oneness in truth

We need Your Presence, activated in every one of us. So the ritual cleansing can sweep, The Nations, World without end.

We need a Universal cleansing to oneness in truth,

in forgiveness, in patience, in kindness, understanding from You who accepted me. A sinner from darkness to the light of Jesus Christ, in all Your Treasures.

Each one of us, need to grab on, to the truth.

    Leave the past where it belongs, in the destruction of the desolation. Left in the fire, from sin to forgiveness, through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, always and forever, in His eyes, we are one, already.

Thank You, Jesus Christ, for Your Precious Presence in Spirit.

     With me Wendy. Me, Myself, and I with You in me, and I in You, entwined in Spirit to fulfill, “In Presence of Spirit.com,” in Your time, it is done.

Thank You for The Love, The Guidance, Your Life, Your Ministry, Your Death, Your Resurrection to Life Eternal.

     In You, Through The Love of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, that You gave to me, to share. December 16, 2010

Finish my book.

Get Spiritual, Be Happy, Be Patient, move around, Be Kind, Be Understanding, Be Polite, Be Nice, Be Spiritual, Be Loving, Be full of life in the purity of Christ Jesus Love for all to find the kingdom of heaven within. Be Courteous, Be Pleasant, Be Faithful, Be Wise, Be Persistent in matters, Be Enthusiastic, Be important to yourself. December 19, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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