Well, it is going to be a surprise when you receive my letters.

Sphere with a light, rain, camera, flash
I would not have captured, the essence of sweet-savory had Jesus not saved me

    I told my Dad, “You know; I do not hate him.” he said, “yes” A gift to you and everyone in every prison in the World and to those that are in jail, even if they are not behind bars, no way out. That is what the Doctor ordered. Love to all from someone who cares.

What else can I say?

    Beautiful prayers came out in writing, and I can not pray out loud. I would not have captured, the essence of sweet-savory had Jesus not saved me, from myself. What I share is a piece of heaven. September 2, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell


    It is a good thing we have the before and after, on the table, because that is verification, something happened. Flesh vs. Spirit, SPIRIT WON! I got my writing back, and it is to you, for a purpose. An incredible mission. You were the one that is, was, and will always be, destined.

In The Realm of Our Existence,

There is a peephole, and it can be found, and you found it. The light in your heart, even in dramatic conditions. Jesus is guiding you, to help lost souls. I want to share on that journey; you are undertaking.

    All in all, take it to the limit. Look at the trivia out there. Been there, done it, seen it, read it.

“In Presence of Spirit,” is out there,

waiting to be set free, floating around. You know everyone is going to be blessed. Heaven’s knocking, are you going to open up and let The Son, shine in.

Let Freedom Will, through Christ Who

Strengthens The Peoples of The Congregations. So you can get through the inside process of the Lord, and then you can be free from your pain, you know, that gut-wrenching pain of sustained trauma, year after year, ending in isolation. Even us on the outside, isolate or relate to the worldly and all it’s associates.

    Hello, and everyone knows how bad it is everywhere in the World, right now. So put on the Armor of Christ Jesus. He will open up the winds of time, and dump it, so it can not haunt you anymore, and Bring Peace To Your Souls. Through The Holy Spirit, In Spirit, Round about Spirit, In Jesus Christ, We Are.

    So I Share 2005 Writings, with You, because you are who they were destined for. With one heart to heal. Thank You, Jesus Christ, for Your Presence in Spirit, and all the encouraging words. September 6, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell, I am still not able to read 2005, I am editing with Grammarly and updating. The photos that I put on here are Water Particles magnetized by the camera flash. Wendy

© 2005-2023 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.