We will be one,

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I used to take a lot of photo’s but not anymore.

We are one in heart soul revelation to the realization of our awakening souls.

From darkness to the light of our Lord Christ Jesus.

I and my Father are one, one heart, one mind, one soul, one Universe.

    All in one is the Christ Spirit which dwells in our souls. To the opening of the truth through the veil of the love of God.

    Rebuild the positive and be cleansed of the negative. This is where real release comes from. In the innermost part of your being. To be released in Jesus Christ World Awakening.

    From beyond the dead to Christ Eternal, in infinite, boundless glory. My Father, and I are one in spirit, mind, heart, soul for everyone’s sins, is one Christ. God is Jesus Christ our Eternal Father of all.

    To me, I feel I write in the flesh, but I also know when spirit filled words come through on paper. This is why I call them writings, instead of a journal.

    It is a clearing of the cob webs, through total immersion of body, heart, mind, and soul. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

    You are on your journey from without to within, where dwells there our Lord and Savior. Releasing the clearing and cleaning, and the freeing of our souls. “for the wages of sin is death,” but the Glory of God is just a breath away. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.