I believe everything I wrote, to be right.

A spark of light shown in my heart, to do what must be done,

Otherwise, it would not have been written, from without to within. I touched the presence of spirit, in me, for everyone, not just myself.

    Bold this is nothing although I have not been writing in a while. A spark of light shown in my heart, to do what must be done, for me to perpetuate the God-given right that He has entrusted me with, for this, I am most graciously, grateful.

I so, wish to share.

    I wrote a book in itself, “2005 Writings,” to my husband of my youth. I named it, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” there is Spirit communication.

    Although he has not read it yet, he has no idea the magnitude of the inspiration, he inspired, to me. He is the only one who asked me for prayer, my way.

It is a breath of Jesus Christ World Awakening.

    It is going to activate a ritual cleansing to the oneness of truth, that is only through Christ Jesus. It will spark the light in each soul it touches.

    This is not for greed. It is for healing through Our Lord. He gave me the words to write, and I so love being, “In Presence of Spirit.” One on one conversation in writing.

People are hurting, suffering.

    There is peace at the end of the corner. There is eternal life now, and forever through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ even though they might not have believed. I believed everyone. No one can take that away. It is all in the writings.

    I needed this; it has been forever, it seems since I wrote anything. When I Published 2001-2002, I went to a subsidy. I just wanted it to be read. And it produced the book, out of the blue.

    It was not complete; it did not sell, it did not get read. I continued work on it, all along. It is a concurring sequence. It goes together, as though it was meant to be. Guess what? It is intended to be. In writing, I can not keep quiet anymore.

I believe this whole incredible trip,

is meant to help ease the pain of the multitudes. To help them find Our Christ again, in the inward parts of yours, mine, and our souls.

I believe, all of it, to be true.

    I believe it to be, “In Presence of His Spirit,” He left, every single one of us. Even if you know it or not, believe in it or not. It is so, His will is done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

    To The Unveiling of The Holy Spirit’s Love, for Mankind to come inside themselves, to find The Spirit Presence in them, again. I am opened to the light, that is shining through my writings, even though no one knows about them yet.

    Their time is near, I feel. Because I finally closed the book. (no I did not) Fourteen years and then some of the writing, to and with the Lord’s Holy Spirit. May 9, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2009-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.