God is calling,

Lightning in the back yard
Pray, and the way will be opened

Pray, and the way will be paved. Pray for everything. You stopped praying, start again, date, track, all your prayers every day. I pray for stop, knock, look, listen, hear the words from the inner chamber of my soul. Reach and go beyond again. To capture the Christ, that is everyone’s still. January 5, 2000

Adversity Tests

Psalm 51:17, The sacrifices of God are a contrite heart. Oh God, thou wilt not despise.

    Adversity tests-even though will say, “The Crap.” “I rebuke you Satan in the name of Jesus Christ.” We are Publishing, will say, “The Vision’s,” are being secured through the first 500 copies. Too well, the spirit of hope, life, love. Send it to who it was given. Thank You, Lord. January 20, 2000

Completely Submitted

I am going to send it out completely submitted. In completion of, to the World from the Spirit of Christ Jesus and Wendy. In Union of The Spirits of Souls, bringing all together in one heart, one mind from God through Jesus Christ to Us. The unveiling of, “In Presence of Spirit.” To the one cause for the redemption of our souls through Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior. March 25, 2000

Consecrate and Dedicate

I consecrate and dedicate my reason for living still. To the fulfillment of, “In Presence of Spirit,” from the Spirit of Christ to you, all His People.

    We will overcome by the blood of Jesus, in Christ, He is Our Redeemer. From Hell into His Ever Presence. Through, “In Presence of Spirit,” The Opening of The Light of Love from Jesus Christ, Ever-Present Spirit, with love Wendy.  April 12, 2000

    Oh Lord, I failed again, what do I do? Guide me to the answers. Give me strength in all areas. Lord thy will be done. Hold on, “I rebuke you Satan In The Name of Jesus Christ.” May 22, 2000

I am lonely for You, Lord.

    As we all live in ourselves, I am pained in my situation, the continual trials, and tribulations. Everyone, hitting bottom again and again.

    Historian age: You put words in my heart. You guided me through the outer, got too much, and I am falling with my children, Oh Lord we need your help now. I am going to start printing soon. May 23, 2000

Lord help, I am in desperation. All fall on me,

everything is crumbling, no productivity. Yes, the past writings and scriptures I typed on the computer are priceless, but it is our food for tomorrow.

    Oh Lord Jesus Christ put Satan behind Us, Lord. Stomp him out of our affairs and let’s together proclaim, “In Presence of Spirit,” Authentic from You, In Faith of You and Your Ever Presence.

Thank You, for my job, for the writings. It is so awesome, even though some are short. Keep dated track of, “In Presence of Spirit,” complete for the awakening, even though I am on the bottom. Christ lives and He will bring us through To The Glory of Christ Jesus at His Coming. June 1, 2000, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    Jesus Christ I pray this right here, right now. I am not opened and receptive to the way I was in the writings. Help us in our situation, and the World. I need You, Jesus Christ. I Love You, Thank You for each and every writing, “In Presence of Spirit,” Your Spirit, You left for us, to find, and to share!

© 2000-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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